5 Design Tips To Make Your Office Environment More Lively

5 Design Tips To Make Your Office Environment More Lively

  1. Embrace The Concept Of Flexible Work


Actually this is not really an office design tip, however it is a way of providing your employees with access to environments that inspire them. When you let employees work from other locations besides the office, you provide them with the opportunity of working from home, at the beach or a local cafe – which compared to a regular office are all much more engaging.


  1. Allow Your Employees To Control The Office Somewhat  


Your employees don’t need to be expert interior designers.   A more inspiring environment can still be created with help from their input. Workers who have at least some control over their workspace’s layout and environment are 32 percent more productive as well as healthier and more engaged.


Encourage new hires and staff members to make their workspaces personal for them. That way they will be more prepared and feel more comfortable in facing their work challenges.


  1. Make Sure There Are Quiet Areas


For many years workers have complained about open-plan offices. Many people feel that they are too distracting and noisy. Those spaces can of course work very well for collaboration, however when workers are needing to really plow forward and just put their heads down, they can be very stressful. And according to research, employees spend a majority of time their time doing just that.


Although cool open-plan offices might appear to be trendy paradisse, in actuality they aren’t that great when it comes to getting work done. In order to achieve the proper balance between intensive individual work and collaborative work, you need to provide employees with lots of private office space that can be used where they can work without having a lot of distractions. They will be much happier and productive that way.


That doesn’t mean it is necessary for you to purchase additional office space. What you can do instead is convert the personal offices that you might already have – which according the the furniture design firm Herman Miller most likely go unused and unoccupied around 77 percent of the time – into library-style, quiet public work areas. These can have elements that create relaxation such as little pod areas, wall water fountains and other nice additions.


  1. Have More Collaborative Workspaces Built


That same research from Herman Miller that was cite above also found that around 70 percent of all office collaboration occurs at workstations, instead of at water coolers or inside conference rooms. This can be quite distracting, obviously, for workers who are nearby.


In addition to needing quite spaces for doing private work, your employees also need to have spaces for doing collaborative work as well so that other staff members are not disrupted.


  1. Have Some Hot Desks Set Up


Another finding from the Herman Miller research was that 60 percent of the time the average workstation goes unoccupied. That provides you with an opportunity for using your office space more efficiently. Some of your workstations that are chronically underused can be turned into hot desks – which are unassigned seats that employees can use as needed. If eight workstations that are rarely used can be transformed into four hot desks that are used quite frequently, you will be freeing up a lot of office space for both private and collaborative workspaces that we discussed above.


Creating inspiring workspaces goes beyond having trendy decorations and cool furniture. The most inspiring workspaces allow employees to move between solo and collaborative work easily without disrupting their co-workers.

Note: This is a guest post.

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