6 Best Unconventional Places to Have a Meeting

Offices and conference rooms have been the traditional “go-to” places to host company meetings and gatherings of all sorts. But, what about the many startups that exist today that don’t have traditional office spaces? Or, those ever evolving creatives who work straight from their homes or a small studio? If you are in need of some fresh ideas about where to host your next meeting, below, you’ll find 5 of our best picks for the most unconventional places.

#1. A College Classroom or Auditorium

Some colleges and universities rent out classrooms or auditorium space for those looking to host meetings or small events. Check local institutions in your area to see if this might be a good option to house your future meeting.

#2. A Trendy Restaurant or Coffee Shop

Including a delicious lunch or tasty beverage with your next meeting is definitely an exciting way to go. Choose a place that has cutting edge art and designs, and comfortable seating arrangements. Offer to provide complimentary services and your guests will be enthusiastic about your level of consideration.

#3. A Beautiful Park

Weather permitting, hosting your next meeting outdoors may be a great option. This idea works great for spring and summer get togethers and would be perfect for those who can appreciate the calming scenery of a nature infused office space. If you are concerned about potential rain showers, look for a place with an awning or canopy to provide maximum comfort for your guests.

#4. Virtual Office Space

This is an unconventional twist on a conventional venue. Some offices rent out rooms for a day or a few hours. So, you can get the traditional office feel without the commitment. This option is perfect for savvy professionals who aren’t afraid to be frugal.

#5. Local Art Gallery or Theater

Creative, witty and just all-around striking. Having a meeting in an artsy space is sure to make a great impression on you and your guests. Call local businesses in your area to price how much renting their space will cost, and let the creative juices flow from there.

#6. Library or Book Store

Libraries and book stores sometimes have designated meeting rooms for those interested. These elegant spaces are often overlooked, but are an awesome choice for your next meeting.




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