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4 Startup Books About Funding and Grants That Every Business Owner Should Read

Securing funding for your startup can seem like a tedious and overwhelming task for most startup owners, but the truth is, it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Preparing yourself with proper knowledge and insider tips about grants and investments is more than enough to help you feel confident to seek and secure the right funding for your unique needs. Whether you are going the traditional route of applying for government grants, or a more non-traditional path- like angel investors, or crowd funding, getting investments takes strategic steps if you want to close the deal. Here are 4 awesome startup books about grants and funding that every business owner should read.

1. Crack the Funding Code: How Investors Think and What They Need to Hear to Fund Your Startup

Released: February 5, 2019

Author: Judy Robinett

Description: Judy Robinett gives a comprehensive and practical approach by providing insider secrets for getting funding for your startup. This recently published book has the latest tips and tricks, and takes the reader for an in depth ride on getting inside the minds of investors. Rather than just motivating you only, Crack the Funding Code: How Investors Think and What They Need to Hear to Fund Your Startup also walks you through, step-by-step on how to have a strategic approach to your funding plan by helping you to think about things through the perspective of real investors.

2. Target Funding: A Proven System to Get the Money and Resources You Need to Start or Grow Your Business 1st Edition

Released: July 22, 2019

Author: Kedma Ough

Description: If you are looking to secure business funding for your small business, this book has a lot of great gems to get you going in the right direction. Experienced business coach and funding expert, Kedma Ough highlights a plethora of opportunities and strategies for women, veterans, minorities, baby boomers, and many others who have a small business that they are trying to start and grow. It provides a roadmap on grants and other small business funding sources that are ideal to help jumpstart your journey.

3. THE ENTREPRENEURIAL BIBLE TO VENTURE CAPITAL: Inside Secrets from the Leaders in the Startup Game

Released: August 15, 2013

Author: Andrew Romans 

Description: This classic selling book is all about venture capital secrets, which may help you get ahead when you are trying to get your startup off of the ground. Securing funding is essential to growth and this book provides a good overview of that by offering insights through a day in the life of venture capitalists.

4. The Only Grant-Writing Book You’ll Ever Need

Released: April 8, 2014

Authors: Ellen Karsh, Arlen Sue Fox

Description: Take your grant-writing to the next level with this information packed book. If you intend to look for and apply to grants, The Only Grant-Writing Book You’ll Ever Need is a “must have” to add to your reading list. This resource offers cutting-edge advice and inspiration to help you make it through the grant-writing and submitting process.

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