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2018 Best Expense Card Solutions for Startups

An expense card is a prepaid business debit card used by employees of a company. The objective of the expense cards is to control spending while making it cheaper for businesses using them, as fees attracted on such cards are typically low. Situations like: a manager treating staff out for lunch; a contractor needing to make a purchase to get a job done; an outside sales rep filling their tank with gas, etc., are common and spending should be easy. The right expense card helps business owners allocate funds where they need to be, safely and quickly. Here are the top 5 expense cards solutions for small businesses in 2018:

Bento for Business

Bento is great for startup businesses as it offers quite a few selections for business card holders. The company gives out the first two cards for free after which you will be charged a flat rate per account on a sliding scale. This beats being charged per card and means that the more cards you have linked to an account, the less you’ll be charged on each Bento card. In addition, they offer a free 60 trial. Try Bento FREE for 60 days now!

Dash Prepaid Mastercard

This is most beneficial to businesses using employees with a high turnover. Dash’s strongest suit is its mobile app which enables employees to request more funds while handling a task. You could choose to approve or decline remotely or entirely suspend the account.

Emburse Prepaid Mastercard20

For startups with employees who travel a lot, Emburse is among the best expense cards solutions for them. The company tries to bridge the gap caused by synchronizing expenses when employees are in a different time zone. This way, your employees will not suffer the embarrassment of declined cards while on duty.

PEX Prepaid Visa

Have a really large organizations? This option might be one of the most ideal choices for your large scale needs.  No matter the amount you load up on the main prepaid card account, you can attach up to 100 employee cards, which is ideal when you want to give a large team cash.
NetSpend Small Business Prepaid Mastercard

The most outstanding benefits to small businesses using NetSpend is that employees also get access to ATM services. Therefore, they are not limited to card services while the tasks they are performing concern cash transactions.

Despite the different expense cards services, it all boils down to what is important for your business. We hope this list of best 2018 expense card solutions for startups is helpful in your business journey.

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