18-Year-Old Founder of Acentius Provides Stellar Business Development Services

Acentius is a dedicated company that is highly motivated by its customers. Every day, Acentius strives to provide professional business development services including business plans and pitch decks. With over 1,500 clients serviced across the globe in less than one year, the company ensures exceptional customer satisfaction to maintain positive feedback.


  • Sweet Startups: Who is behind Acentius?

Acentius: I’m Jen, and I am here to help you make the best of your business! I’m an 18 year old student majoring in Business Management. I enjoy meeting new people and learning more about the world of business! While many believe that my age is a barrier for professional work, I possess industry experience and knowledge of both a business owner and consumer. I have spent the last few months building and developing Acentius while building relationships with clients across the globe.


  • Sweet Startups: What motivated you to start your own business?

Acentius: I have been interested in the world of business ever since I was a child. When I was six years old, I set up my own lemonade stand on the front lawn of my home. At the age of 11, I organized a fundraiser to raise money for a local animal shelter. After enrolling in university, I’ve had many friends and family request business-related advice and services. Overall, this lead to the development of Acentius which aims to provide services to those across the globe.


  • Sweet Startups: Who is your ideal target audience?

Acentius:Acentius strives to service customers across the globe and are seeking assistance in developing their company. The company aims to aid start-ups, entrepreneurs, and existing businesses, in developing within a competitive marketplace While primary customers are seeking custom business plans, there has been an increasing demand for pitch decks and other development services.


  • Sweet Startups: What services does your business offer?

Acentius:Acentius strives to provide business and career development services including resume and cover letter writing, pitch decks, business and marketing plans, and stationary mockups. We have also partnered with a world-class engineer to provide professional video conferencing services. All services provided by Acentius are effective, well-formatted, and are created to excel customer requirements. The company continues to provide new services to meet the demands of customers and changing environment.


  • Sweet Startups: What makes your business unique?

Acentius: I believe that Acentius has gained the attention of the general public through the affordable service and unique company story. As a young entrepreneur, the company was invented by an 18-year-old student with a vision to provide and create exceptional business plans. From there on, the company has grown to become a successful business, and will continue to improve and expand in the future. Acentius continues to provide affordable services to business owners looking to lead their business in the right direction.


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