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123 Credit Restoration on The Importance of Building Healthy Credit

123 Credit Resolution Consultants gives us the inside scoop on the importance of building healthy credit. Read our interview to learn more.

  1. Please tell us about your business, 123 Credit Resolution Consultants. What services you offer?


_ 123 Credit Resolution Consultants is a credit counseling services that specializes in helping people build a better credit profile. We offer a credit improvement program for people who want to understand, re-build, and improve their credit. Our credit improvement program combines credit repair, credit education, and budget analysis to help our clients re- build and maintain success with their credit.

In addition to consumer credit counseling we also offer business credit counseling as well. Our business credit counseling service provides monthly business credit coaching sessions. Every business credit client’s coaching package is personalized based on their specific needs and industry.


  1. What inspired you to become a credit consultant?


_ My personal credit experience inspired me to become a certified credit consultant. After I graduated from college, I went to apply for a new car and was denied. I was told that my credit score was not high enough to finance the car. I knew credit was important but I really did not realize how important it was until I applied for my dream car. The finance manager at the dealership referred me to a credit repair company to repair my credit. I ended up spending money on the program and never heard from anyone. I never received a call back, appointment, or a consultation. So I gave up on the idea of working with a credit repair company and decided to repair my own credit.


I spend long hours on hold with the collection companies and credit bureaus. I made a lot of mistakes because I was not fully knowledgeable about my consumer rights. I spent close to 2 years repairing and rebuilding my own credit. I remember being so frustrated during the process. I gave up several times and put the task to the side. I would get dispute letters in the mail and open the letters and leave them sitting on my desk. I struggled with my own personal credit for a very long time. I lost hope so many times. I thought that since I had bad credit I would have it forever.


Later on the following year when my credit scores improved, I was relieved. I went back to the same dealership and financed my BMW brand new off the lot. I remember the finance manager being so shocked at the fact that my score had improved over 200 points. He kept asking me what did I do and where did I go. I told him told him about my experience with the dealership’s referred credit repair company and that I decided to repair my own credit. He then suggested that I should help others. This really sparked my interests so I researched an accredited certification program and enrolled. Now I have the pleasure of helping other families get their credit back on track and I love it!


  1. Your site has tons of resources and information about credit. Do you find that many of the mistakes that your consumers make are due to a lack of being informed about how credit works?


_Yes it does. When I was enrolled in the credit consultant certification program we discussed insolvency issues that cause consumers to have poor credit. The top three reasons why people have poor credit is because of their lack of credit education, lack of an emergency savings, and divorce. Once I found this information out, I decided to create a program that not only helps people build a better credit profile but to help them maintain it as well.


  1. Our audience consists of many self-funded entrepreneurs. Any advice on how to establish and build business credit?

_ Building business credit is totally different from building your personal credit. Building business credit begins with the foundation of your business. Many people fail at building business credit because they do not start off with the basics. Before you even consider applying for business credit you need to make sure that your business has been registered and incorporated properly, make sure that you have a business bank account, and make sure that your business is listed with 411 and online search engines.


  1. What inspires you to give back?

_ I am inspired to do so because I know how it feels to live with bad credit. It is like having a black cloud over your head and at times can be very embarrassing. I give a lot of credit tips via social media (IG:@123_credit_consultants) and via our website at and a lot of other credit companies are not too happy about it. Many other credit counseling services believe that I am giving away too much information but I do not think so. If people have the time to sit down and understand their credit situation, research the consumer laws, and repair their own credit then I am all for it.

I truly want to see our generation as a whole be more mindful of their financial situation and live more responsibly. It is so refreshing to be able to encourage and give people a second chance to live their lives with better credit. I hope that people will pass the credit information they learned from us to their children to help influence the next generation.

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