10 Steps to a Safer and More Secure Workplace

For the security and safety of goods, equipment and employees, all companies should have a solid security policy. It is possible to significantly minimize the risk of burglars, or other people who are not permitted, entering the building, with the establishment of good security measures. The matter of security is always of paramount importance, hence it’s vital to designate time for security checks.


  1. Before closing the workplace at the end of the day, check every door and window is securely locked. In the morning, carry out another check to ensure all is still in place.


  1. Ensure each entrance and exit is always secure. To control access to a building, consider the use of a Combination Door Lock which requires a code to enter. Another option is to provide all staff with an ID card, a key or an access card. You may also wish to consider a Door Access Kit to control access to the building, since a wide choice of kits are available, you can choose one that is right for you. By following such steps, people who don’t work in the building will not be able to easily access the building, instead they will have to go to reception, sign in and receive a visitor badge.


  1. Ensure workplace safety is up to scratch too as this can help ensure people follow recommended safety and security procedures according to Andy Young of We Do Training.


  1. If you do not already have CCTV cameras fitted, then have them placed at all entrances, exits, stairwells, hall ways and areas where money is handled.


  1. As well as the building you should also ensure that the car park is locked and secure, providing the initial step in excellent workplace security. To act as a deterrent for overnight criminal activity, consider a security company call out service, a Dummy CCTV Camera or Car Park Barrier like a Swing Gate, Automatic Barrier or Bollards & Posts.


  1. If you commute by car to work and park your vehicle in the workplace car park which also has visitor access, take time to carefully check that all windows and doors are securely shut tight and locked. It’s not just at night time that burglars check cars doors for easy targets, they do so during the day too.


  1. A further way to deter unwanted visitors, as well as prevent burglary, is to ensure the surrounding area has adequate lighting. In addition, employees will have extra security if they arrive early or leave late.


  1. The use of technology is fundamental in the workplace, it can be expensive to rectify the problem if a piece is stolen or damaged. Security for computers and laptops is vital, since personal information, names and addresses, bank details, files and documents are all stored here. Security Shoes and Slippers, also referred to as clamps, provide a discreet and cost-efficient way to stop technology from being stolen.


  1. Without the appropriate passwords, computer and laptop access for anyone who wishes could be far too easy. Regardless of your business type, it’s crucial to keep all personal information and documents safe, hence all computers, laptops and documents should have a password.


  1. To both establish and maintain security at the workplace, employees must be fully informed of the security measures in place. Such knowledge includes who they can ask if they have questions or suspicions about a security procedure, as well as company policy regarding changes to the security measures. When this is in place, each employee knows how to carry out a security procedure in the correct and safe way.

Note: This is a guest post. 

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