10 Awesome Ways to Say “Thank You” to Your Customers

Customers are the most integral pieces to the startup puzzle. Without them, your business couldn’t grow to become amazingly awesome and profitable. One of the most important things that every startup should implement is a “thank you” system.  This is your business’ way of showing appreciation to its customers so that they feel welcomed and valued.  This not only creates a continuos cycle of gratitude, but it can also strengthen customer loyalty.  Below, are 10 cutting-edge ways that you can say “Thank You” to your customers.

1. Free Shipping or Discount Shipping Offers

If your business operates an e-commerce or delivery element, consider occasionally saying “thanks” with a free shipping offer.


This past week, I participated in BOGO at Starbucks, and I loved it! Having a BOGO sale shows appreciation, and it also encourages customers to purchase more than they’d usually buy.

3. Free Gift With Purchase

Everybody likes freebies..right? Including a free gift with purchase is a great way to show your appreciation and boost customer loyalty.

4. Free Information

Sweet Startups is loaded with free information for our readers. It’s our way of saying “thank you”. If you have a business that centers around information, consider offering free tips to show how much you care about your audience.

5. Actually Tell Them… “Thank You”

I know, this one is so simple. But, you can always send an email, or card in the mail, expressing your gratitude to your clientele. Sometimes the small things can make a huge impact.

6. Host Free Events

If you own a physical business, hosting a free event might be just the thing to make your customers smile. It could be an info. session, or a “Customer Appreciation” party. Get creative!

7. Celebrate Your Customers 

Highlighting your customers’ achievements is pleasant and thoughtful. One way you could do this is by having a community board in your business. You could encourage people to post good news about themselves or others.

8. Implementing a Real Customer Loyalty Program

You can also implement your own customer loyalty program that rewards customers when they shop frequently at your business.

 9. Complimentary Samples

Let’s say you own a smoothie bar, giving out occasional free samples is an awesome way to honor your customers. This is also perfect to cross-promote other products and expose your customers to options that they might not usually consider.

10. Free Branded Gifts

Branded gifts have a fantastic two-in-one appeal. First, your customer receives something really cool like a  mug, keychain, pen, t-shirt, etc. Second, because the product is branded with your company’s logo, you get extended advertising. Every time your client sips from your mug, or puts on that t-shirt, they’re reminded of your wonderful business!

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