Vehicle Sensor Startup, PreAct Technologies Raises Over $1 Million in Angel Investments

Imagine being able to sense the onset on an automobile crash. Such knowledge could help prevent the severity of the crash and reduce the number of drivers who sustain critical injuries. That is what PreAct Technologies is doing in the tech industry. The company recently announced that it has raised well over $1 million in angel funding, headed by Elev8.VC. These investments will help the company with staffing needs, as well as prototyping the defense system.

Elev8.VC is a Singapore based VC Fund, that is dedicated to providing seed capital solutions to early-stage tech companies. In addition to PreAct Technologies, the angel investors have also provided funding solutions to: Scooterson (an innovative, electric scooter company), (a digital, direct-to-consumer shopping platform), and Circles.Life (a no-contract mobile service provider).

PreAct Technologies is a Portland based startup with a goal of saving lives. According to its website, the company aims to “leverage ADAS & autonomous vehicle sensors and infrastructure to predict and prepare a vehicle and its occupants for an imminent crash.”  These innovative high-speed sensors and processors will act within milliseconds of a car crash happening to enact safety measures that will help with providing protection to the vehicle’s occupants. Although it may not seem like a lot of time, current industry standards only work after a crash has already occurred. PreAct’s technology is the first-of-its kind and is a highly anticipated product in the automobile and tech industries.

PreAct Technologies was founded in 2018 by automotive-industry experts Paul Drysch, Kurt Brendley, and Keith Brendley, who also founded Artis, the real-time information solutions company that has serviced the Army, JIDO, DARPA, ARL and many more. 

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