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Top Tips to Optimise Your Office

You and your workers will be at the office for at least 40 hours each week. The way you arrange the space between those four walls has an impact on not just aesthetics, but also comfort and productivity. Here are some things you can consider if you want to optimise your office.


Ergonomics plays a big role in staff productivity. If someone needs to get up and stretch multiple times a day due to poor quality seating, the time lost can never be recovered. It’s a good idea to start by looking for ergonomic desk chairs. Look for armrests with different heights, widths, and depths.


The wellness and health of workers, as well as their production efficiency, are all affected by office lighting. The type of lighting used in offices has been empirically shown to affect workers’ productivity, emotions, and general health over time. Consider allowing more light into your workplace to optimize natural illumination if you frequently suffer eyestrain, headaches, or blurred vision problems. Natural light will boost your productivity while also improving your health and mood.


Consider investing in some beautiful wall shelves so that you can fill your floor space with all of the necessities your workplace requires without sacrificing space or style. It will be simpler to locate precisely what you need and when you need it if you have a good storage system, which will help you operate more efficiently. Consider upgrading your storage systems to boost productivity and, as a result, your profit margins.

Beware Of IT Points Of Interest

Set aside time to talk with your IT staff or technical director about how to best organize the area so that everyone has access to the equipment they need before you start inadvertently shifting workstations away from telecoms outlets. Consider things like printer placement, technology storage, access to outlets, Wi-Fi routers, and projector and screen space.

Create Spaces For Collaboration

Encourage your workers to take short walks to various areas of the workplace and to use the collaborative space. Collaborative spaces may be as basic as a few soft chairs arranged in a semi-circle around a hearth, indoor pond, or art exhibit, with a few laptops set up on tables where several people can meet. These venues are excellent, trendy substitutes to meeting at someone’s workplace.

Outdoor Areas

Don’t ignore outdoor areas, especially during periods of nice weather. Invest in comfortable seating, tables, and sunshades. Consider something branded or eye-catching such as these personalised deck chairs from Discount Displays, which include a customized, fade-resistant, and water-resistant print on the front of thick and durable quality canvas. These are perfect for outdoor seating areas and promotional events. You can also pick up some flags and bunting to personalise the area even more.

Be Aware Of Temperatures Around The Office

While it may seem that workplace temperature is unrelated to office layout, it is not. For instance, the sun beaming through a window might make one location excessively hot, while an air conditioning vent right over an inner cubicle could make that area too chilly. You won’t be able to account for all of these problems, but having a general understanding of temperature variations in the workplace may help you make better layout decisions.

Growth is an important factor to consider when planning your workplace layout. Organize your area for the future so you don’t have to repaint and rearrange as needed. While the occasional workplace rearrangement is beneficial and ideal, doing it regularly may become costly and time-consuming.

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