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Top 5 Plant-Based Ice Cream Startups You Should Know

A whole-food, plant-based diet will do your body a whole lot of good. But a common myth is that plant-based diets entail missing out on sweet treats. News flash: that’s not true at all! 

The average scoop of a plant-based ice cream has a soft consistency, a creamy smooth texture, and a satisfyingly rich flavor. Here, we believe that plant-based ice creams deliver all the goodness of the dairy-based ice creams. And the following 5 start-ups prove just that!

#1: Gourmet Grubb 

Gourmet Grubb’s approach to ice cream involves entomilk, which is milk made from sustainably farmed insects. Yes, you read it right!

Over the years, people have become more receptive to eco-friendly alternatives in their diet. Contrary to most people’s initial reaction to insects as a form of diet – there are a range of benefits associated with using insects as a food source. Farming insects as protein is much safer for the planet than farming cows. Moreover, the amount of greenhouse gases emitted is reduced significantly. As compared to cows, pigs and chickens – insects need a fraction of the water for farming them. And, of course, the ice cream alternative at Gourmet Grubb deliver all of those things with a dash of unforgettable deliciousness! 

#2: Sorbabes

Once a upon a time, not too long ago, vegans were basically limited to soy-based ice cream for dessert treat.  Thankfully, we can now find products made out of coconut, almonds and cashews. And Sorbabes has the best offering in this category! 

Besides being gluten-free, non-GMO and, of course, vegan – these delicious concoctions come in BPA-free containers and are sweetened with natural cane sugars. The nutty-flavored options (Double Chocolate Hazelnut, Coffee Almond Sorbet with Chocolate Bark, etc) come with a level of creaminess you just don’t expect in a sorbet.  If you didn’t know better, you’d think you were having ice cream!

#3: Cado

When you first stick your spoons into a pint of Cado, it’ll immediately become apparent that this is the creamiest non-dairy ice cream you’ll ever try! The Simply Lemon doesn’t have the icy feel you often find in sorbets. Deep Dark Chocolate is almost like scooping frosting from a can. All the flavors possess the rich and thick texture of soft serve, which is mainly due to the avocados and guar gum that you’ll find in the ingredients. All in all, the Cado ice cream’s consistency gets a major thumbs up from us!

#4: Snow Monkey

Snow Monkey makes it clear that the best part of an ice cream isn’t the *cream*. They craft their sorbets dairy free with vibrant fruits or rich nut butters, so the only thing you taste is pure indulgence! The ice creams are full of flavor, and each sorbet is celebrated with a different fruit or nut butter. When it comes to Snow Monkey; flavor always comes first!

#5: Frankie & Jo’s

We appreciate Frankie & Jo’s recipes because they’re almost poetic in all their delish glory. Each flavor is a snapshot of a unique experience; the Golden Milk being a take on a medicinal beverage, or the California Cabin which was designed to evoke the feeling of being in the mountains. Moreover, the monthly rotation of recipes keeping the menu fresh as a farmer’s market. All in all, Frankie & Jo’s delivers nothing but perfection in the form of ice cream!

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Laura Smidt

Laura Smidt is an up-and-coming writer who enjoys poetry and picnics. She majored in creative writing at NYU and is currently embarking on a journey to publish her first book. A lover of travel and adventure, you can find her at your favorite remote destination.

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  1. HI Laura!
    I am the co-founder of SorBabes ! So excited to be on your list! Thanks for the love! We’d love to tell you more about our story. It’s a fun one! good luck with the book. Nothing is impossible and never settle! That’s our mission at SorBabes!

    Thanks again for sharing our brand and let us know if we can partner more in the future!


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