Tommy Smith, President of All Year Cooling

Tommy Smith President of All Year Cooling has been working in South Florida for a number of years in his family business. All Year Cooling Florida has been operating for some years and recently celebrated its 45th anniversary. The anniversary was a day of great pride for all involved with a company priding itself on excellent customer service and a desire to make sure all customers have optimum cooling options during the humid Summers in South Florida. One of the most impressive areas of concern for the business in the All Year Cooling duct cleaning service designed to be a low-cost option for keeping the air conditioning running impressively in any home.

Tommy Smith began his career working in a range of All Year Cooling careers which he believes gave him the ability to become one of the leading figures in the Florida HVAC repair industry. The All Year Cooling owner has been seeking to extend his work within the community with a range of activities designed to keep the profile of the company as high as possible. One of the great passions of Tommy Smith is coaching youth soccer which he began when his daughters began playing the sport. Building a sense of pride and teamwork together is part of the success achieved by Smith and the team at All Year Cooling.

How did you get into the heating and cooling industry?

All Year Cooling is a family owned business which began life more than 45 years ago. I followed my father into this sector and found myself taking on a range of different roles as a young person before attending college to get my licenses as an HVAC technician. I also studied business and came into the All Year Cooling Florida family with the ability to look at problems from the view of both a technician and business owner.

How did your business start?

It started long before I was involved in 1973 with an idea to form a family company we could all become involved in. Having recently celebrated our 45th anniversary I feel we have achieved much more than our family ever imagined.

Why do you think your company has become such a success?

In South Florida, the ability to cool a home effectively is vital to living a safe and healthy lifestyle. At All Year Cooling Florida, we pride ourselves on our fast response times and excellent customer service. Making sure our customers have effective HVAC at all times is our most important task, particularly when the temperature and humidity levels rise over the course of the Summer months.

How did you get your first customer?

There is a story about the first customer our company ever got being a family friend. That was way back in 1973 when the company was first starting out, and we have continued to rely on referrals from customers and our suppliers.

What does a typical day look like?

There is no typical day for me as I am the leader of the company and can be called into meetings at any time. My day starts around six in the morning, and I make sure I spend a little time at breakfast with my children. Most of the time I like to be in the office by seven-thirty each morning and work on the issues raised over the course of the day and night. I can spend part of my day checking on the work of my technicians to make sure they are working to our strict standards. I am also always working with various suppliers and distributors to make sure every aspect of our company runs correctly. I like to have finished my work by six in the evening, so I can get home and see my daughters over dinner and help put them to bed.

How do you market your company?

We are a local company, so we spend a lot of time advertising through local radio and TV stations. I’ve recently been exploring the opportunities available through social media to reach local clients through reviews of our services. I’m always impressed by new technologies and the trust customers place in Online reviews is of great importance to our business.

What advice can you give your fellow entrepreneurs?

Customer service is key. Happy customers lead to a long and successful business, in my opinion. All Year Cooling has customers who have been calling us to service their HVAC systems for decades, and we are proud of that fact.

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