SoleFaqs Spotlight: Dallas Sneaker Culture Part 3

SoleFaqs Spotlight is kicking 2020 off with Dallas Sneaker Culture Part 3! A series we started in 2019.
Dallas Sneaker Culture Part 3 is spotlighting HypeStockpile. Have you heard of HypeStockpile? What
comes to mind when you hear the name HypeStockpile? Does a stockpile of hype shoes come to mind?
Dallas sneaker culture has grown past Dallas County boundaries. HypeStockpile reach goes beyond the
lines of Collin County or Dallas County. Team HypeStockpile has a reach that is from coast to coast. Over
the last 8 months they have done weekend vending in major cities such as Atlanta, Ga, San Jose, Ca, Los
Angeles, Ca and Washington. HypeStockpile has vision the brand has been up and running for less than
two years.

Fun fact: HypeStockpile is still in High School. High School Classes during the week and selling hype
sneakers on the weekend in various major cities. That is HypeStockpile routine. It takes vision and risk
expanding a business in unknown cities. HypeStockpile has the vision and knowledge to scale into other
cities. HypeStockpile takes about 10 road trips a year. The purposes of road trips are acquiring
customers and expand brand awareness. The goal and the outcome are being achieved. Some of the
events HypeStockpile vends at are SneakerCon Dallas, Kicks101, Kicklahoma, Bht Fest. These events
happen yearly throughout the Dallas area. They help connect resellers and buyers together under one
roof. Each Sneaker Convention is different from other each other. HypeStockpile supplies the demand
for sneakers at these events.

HypeStockpile does not think “anything is missing in Dallas Sneaker Culture. HypeStockpile also feel the
amount of sneakerheads and hypebeast in the area has definitely been rising.” Dallas sneaker culture is
rising as men and women sneakerheads are buying more Adidas and Nikes sneakers.

HypeStockpile can be found at

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