SoleFaqs Spotlight: Dallas Sneaker Culture Part 2

Dallas Sneaker Culture Part 2 is spotlighting Twin Soles known has sneaker “road warriors of the sneaker resale community”. Twin soles have over a decade of experience in the sneaker resale market. There journey started in elementary school not as resellers but as Jordan Sneaker Enthusiasts. Being a Sneaker Enthusiasts allowed them to understand consumer trends of the sneaker resale market.

Twin Soles name is unique because the brothers are identical twins and no pair of shoes is complete without the left or right. It has been a 10-year process from learning the market, selling personnel pairs, to the birth of Twin Soles as a business. 7th grade was were the passion for sneakers started when they would go to the mall and check out the newest Jordan’s. Now, they vend at Sneaker Conventions to sell their endless number of sneakers.

Twin Soles has been vending at sneaker conventions since 2016 locally and nationally. Their list of sneaker conventions attend yearly is impressive! They attend Kickla (Oklahoma and Texas), Kixpo,

Kicks 101 and Sneaker Con. These Sneaker Conventions play a strategic part in reaching their yearly convention goal of attending 20 to 30 shows a year throughout the US. Vending at these events gives Twin Soles an up-close view of the Dallas Sneaker Culture.

Twin Soles has seen Dallas Sneaker Culture shift with the birth of collaborations. “Prior to 2016 everyone was chasing Retro Jordan’s and signature athletes’ specials like Kobe, Lebron, and KD’s. The market started to shift a little with the release of Yeezy Boost after Kanye Split from Nike”. Demand for sneakers has grown to include brands such as Yeezy’s, Nike Off White, and Travis Scott collaborations. A quick look at there inventory includes the above mention major brands. They have a wide supply of what the Sneaker Culture in Dallas demands! With the rise of selling aps how does Twin Soles reach the consumer base of Dallas Sneaker Culture? They use conventions as well a Twin Soles personal delivery service that is available in Dallas Fort Worth area only.

Reselling Mobile Apps such as but not limited to Poshmark, The Real Real, eBay, Goat, Stock X, and Stadium Goods, have caused a seismic shift in the way Twin Soles resell shoes. The massive shift created a boot to ground expansion of their footprint from Dallas FT. Worth area to California, DC, Denver, Georgia, Florida, Illinois, New Mexico, New York, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Ohio and Texas. Twin Soles utilizes Sneaker Conventions to meet their customers in their respective cities giving them an experience that selling online does not provide. Their Instagram is flooded with smiling customers from throughout the United States. As resell e-commerce mobile apps have transformed the sneaker culture. Twin Soles continues to spread Dallas Sneaker Culture beyond city limits one convention at a time. Don’t be surprise if you see Twin Soles do their own Sneaker Convention in 2020.

Last week we covered Dallas Sneaker Culture Part 1 please check out the article on sweet startups.

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