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India is emerging in another market. That market is the Sneaker Market. We might think of India has a Technology Hub “only”, but the Sneaker Industry is emerging In India. What is fueling the Sneaker Market of India? The internet has helped fuel the emergence of Sneaker Market in India. Nike and Reebok have been planted in India for years. In the last ten years there has been a peek in demand for sneakers. Based on the on a survey by pipslay the average person own’s between 3 to 4 sneakers in India and are willing to spend 14.12 to 42.35 on a pair of sneakers. SoleFaqs had a chance to speak with India’s Self-Proclaimed Sneaker Don Viraj Donzai about the culture and market in India.

Viraj Donzai is a Sneaker Influencer who is currently fueling the Education and Sneaker Market in India. Over the Summer, Viraj and his father took a 25-hour flight from Chandigarh to San Jose. He attended Sneaker Con Bay Area July 13th and 14th as an Vendor. Viraj nature of business was simple bring back Sneakers to India. India’s population is only 2nd to China with over 1 Billion people. Those numbers are jaw dropping as India demand for fashion grows so will the demand for Sneakers.

Viraj believes that only” 5 to 10% of India Population is aware of the Sneaker Culture”. If his estimates are correct, that means the value of the world sneaker market will grow as India Sneaker Market grows. Viraj spent over Rs 709,695 on Sneakers last year that’s more than a Software engineer makes in India. As, India’s Sneaker Market grows so will Viraj impressive business.

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