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How San Francisco Startup DaoCloud is Making An Impact With Their Social Network for Wellness

Staying well and healthy involves numerous lifestyle adjustments and commitments. From enrolling in a gym for a monthly membership to trying out the latest supplements at your health food store, it can be hard to find the time to look after yourself amidst the stress of modern life.

DaoCloud’s social network has attracted great reviews and recent press coverage who are searching for helpful information about health and wellness topics.

The startup is positioning itself as the go to resource for community based health advice. People can join the website by submitting an email address, or they can log in through their Facebook or Google accounts. This makes the website extremely user friendly, and it is totally free as well.

Max Coleman is the brains behind DaoCloud. Throughout his youth, Coleman suffered from a range of health conditions. He was interviewed recently, and said that with better guidance he would have overcome his symptoms within months, rather than years. He founded DaoCloud, so that other people could avoid having to go through a similar experience.

What sets DaoCloud apart from other wellness websites is that all the data is displayed as discussion topics. Rather than wellness advice being published in a generic manner, users can relate their own stories and listen to others. Some methods might seem OK when described by a medical professional, however the average person often struggles to make them work. This kind of information is invaluable.

All members of the network want to improve their general health, so there’s every reason for people to get involved and engage with one another. Medical experts are on the website too, which is useful when certain technical information is required. A mixture of feedback is what makes DaoCloud a great one stop shop for wellness and vitality.

Apart from data about popular health subjects, DaoCloud also includes subjects that are not commonly discussed at all. For example, people who suffer from depression or chronic pain could benefit from learning about reiki. DaoCloud offers plenty of advice about how this energy movement can clear the chakras to relieve debilitating symptoms. It has become the place online to find out about conditions that are normally overlooked. Many wellness questions are being posted for discussion, and gradually the thriving network is responding to every one of these.

DaoCloud has succeeded in creating an environment where users are not judged. Therefore, people are not afraid to ask about things that they might shy away from asking elsewhere – on subjects like hypnotherapy, brain fog and colon hydrotherapy. These subjects are all covered in DaoCloud’s A to Z Wellness section. The number of members has grown considerably in recent years, and there are now more than 1000 conversations going on between users, regarding treatment techniques and health tips.

There’s no doubt that DaoCloud looks set to redefine the process of living a healthy life. Traditional wellness websites are uninspiring. They provide dry articles written by faceless authors, who might not know much about healthcare at all. DaoCloud offers a more interactive experience. The website’s community vibe is similar to what exists on other social networks, and you can learn more about wellness and speak to professionals, who can assist you in your efforts to improve your life. To date, no other online platform in the wellness space has been able to do this to be sure to check out DaoCloud at and register for a free account.

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