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Meet Tamara Smith Of TTS Publishing

If you are a young book lover or even independent author, you will love Tamara Smith. This girl boss is taking the literary industry by storm. We caught up with her and talked about her new business and upcoming projects and here’s what she had to say.


1.Tell us about yourself and your brand:

I am an author, an entrepreneur, therapist/counselor, mental health advocate, and domestic violence activist. I am also the founder and CEO of TTS Publishing. We are a book publishing company that specialize in helping amateur writers and aspiring authors publish their stories. We offer full publishing services, book cover designs, marketing, author branding, and story development. Our goal is to provide a platform for writers to use their literary voices.


2.Why did you start your business:

I started TTS Publishing after writing my first book “The Story of a Purple Heart” about an abusive relationship I experienced. Writing the book proved to be a therapeutic and invigorating experience for me. I decided to start a book publishing company that would provide the opportunity for others to find therapeutic relief in writing. My goal is to support amateur writers and aspiring authors in sharing their stories and to encourage them to inspire others through their literature.


3.What tips can you give to other new business owners:

I would tell any other new business owner to remember why you started your company. It will help you remain humble and motivated while on your journey. There will be awesome victories and even tougher trials. If you keep in mind why you started your business, then you will be able to respect the losses and appreciate the wins!

The Story of a Purple Heart

4. What projects or events do you have coming up that we should be on the lookout for:

I am so excited about the release of my book, The Story of a Purple Heart, on June 15, 2019. I am also working on my journal, Why Not Me?” which is an autobiographical account of a particular experience in my life; it will be published this year as well. I also have other authors whose projects I have accepted and will be releasing soon.


5. How can readers follow you and keep up with what you have going on:

Readers can visit for upcoming events and author information, to purchase books, shop merchandise, submit book proposals, and to request consultations.

You can also follow me on Instagram @ttspublishing and on my YouTube Channel TamaraHappilyEverAfter.

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