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What does the medical supply industry look like in the future? What if the future is now? I recently had the chance to catch up with to find out. Their comprehensive e-commerce store provides an alternative to costly, traditional methods of purchasing medical supplies. Read our Q and A session below:

  1. Q: Give us a brief overview of

A: MD Supplies is an online store that offers competitively priced medical supplies. We connect manufactures and venders directly to customers, and provide an average savings up to 50%.


  1. Q: One of your missions is to help providers reduce cost by eliminating unnecessary supply costs. Describe some of these costs and how your site helps cut costs.

A: The traditional healthcare distribution has gotten extremely complex and costly within the last 20 years. Purchasing and Materials Managers are faced with a complex web of distributors, dealers and sales reps. These layers significantly add to the cost of products that medical facilities use. Our company connects manufacturers directly with customers significantly reducing pricing of medical supplies and simplifying the purchasing process.


  1. Q: Most people familiar with hospital supply have a perception that the purchasing process is a bit more complex than just an e-commerce check out. Is this true?

A: The current model is unnecessarily complex. Typically, brands can be sold through as many as 3 different people that are not the manufacturer. This can serve as a major dilemma if a healthcare practitioner has a question about a product but cannot speak with someone that can provide answers. Our platform connects the customer directly with the manufacturer, eliminating time and confusion, which can be very costly to them.


  1. Q: Your site offers over 30,000 different SKUs. How are you able to provide so many different medical supplies?

A: Our team actively pursues partnerships with cutting-edge manufacturers and vendors. Our vendors provide products in categories ranging from Wound & Skin Care to Pharmaceutical supply. We really have something for everyone.


  1. Q: How have you marketed your business?

A: Marketing is very important to our company. We attend a variety of trade shows each year, and use a lot of other digital and traditional advertising outlets to make ourselves visible to potential customers.


  1. Q: Can you describe what a typical customer looks like?

A: Our customers are just as diverse as the products that we offer. We get everything from large hospitals, to small practices (dentists, doctors, nurses, etc.). We also get a lot of everyday people, who are looking for streamline solutions to their medical supply needs.


  1. Q: What has been the overall reception of

A: The overall reception of MDSupplies has been overwhelmingly positive. Our customers love the convenience and user friendliness of our site. Clients are able to browse our collection of products on their own time and order items as needed. Our customers never have to worry about contracts, minimums, or commitments. We like to consider ourselves the medical supply company of the future.


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