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Matt Redhawk is an innovative leader of our time and his accomplishments inspire us to achieve more through the course of our lives. As an author and entrepreneur, Redhawk understands too well the sacrifices and persistence necessary to be successful in these fields. Redhawk, author of “Drought and Dreams: Stories of Self-Reliance During America’s Darkest Times” and owner & CEO of My Patriot Supply company. His developed skills landed him work as a writer for 2 films in 2017 and 2018, qualifying him for IMDB credits.

His book sheds light on intimate experiences of families during the 10 year economic drought America endured starting in 1929. The focus is on families attempting to live simply, become more self reliant and learning to appreciate their current state. Redhawk’s company, My Patriot Supply, focuses on providing individuals and families necessary resources for emergency preparedness and survival. His passion, curiosity and will to help during times of emergency preparedness, of instinct, survival and crisis is very evident. From the experiences shared in his book to the overall nature of his business, emergency preparedness is a recurring topic.

Today, we are granted the chance to interview Redhawk for better insight on knowing more about him. This interview provides audiences the opportunity to learn more about contributions to his becoming a successful author and entrepreneur. Let us not waste anymore time and get right into it.

What should we know about you? Tell us a bit more about yourself.

To be honest, I’m really just your regular everyday guy. I’ve been fortunate enough to live a beautiful life filled with memorable experiences from my past. I’m very fortunate those experiences have led me to the space of accomplishments I’ve achieved today. Those achievements include a successful book and a startup, My Patriot Supply, a leader in emergency and survival preparedness.

What can you tell us about the book by Matt Redhawk? Where can the audience go to purchase it?

The book is a compilation of experiences and hardships families were forced to endure during America’s recession in the 1930s. It’s a unique dynamic that expresses the joys within families while they re-learned living simple lives and appreciating even the smallest things. The book is currently available for instant purchasing on Amazon.

What about My Patriot Supply? Can you give the audience a small insight to your startup?

My Patriot Supply is one very near and dear to me as well. It’s a direct reflection of me and my need to always be prepared in case of any sudden crisis. We offer necessary emergency tools, high quality food and heirloom seeds at prices that won’t break the bank.

Having your experience with business, what advice can you give new entrepreneurs in dealing with customers?

Things get tricky with customers, but above all, construct a vision for customer service, be attentive, learn and smile. Today, we deal with technologies and everything is computerized, these tips make customers feel that human element. Bad customer service will make a great product fail, but great customer service can make a mediocre product better.

What do you believe are top traits that helped you become the entrepreneur you are today?

So much, but to round it up, I’ll have to say have a burning passion, vision, knowledge, courage and confidence. I believe success in entrepreneurship requires these traits and if you already possess them, you’re well on your way. There’s no way of my making it this far without recognizing and finding these within myself.

What do you do for fun and to relax?

Matt: That’s a great question. When I have the chance to relax, I do enjoy listening to music and podcasts as I hike. One of my favorite hiking trails is the Parker Ridge. Beautiul sites, relaxing, and alone with my thoughts. Sometimes it’s where I get my inspiration from.

Can you leave us with where to keep up with you, your business ventures and successes?

Of course, everybody can find my constant updates on my, Matt Redhawk, CrunchBase profile.

Interviewer: Do you have a quote you’d like to share with our readers?

Sure! “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.” -Edmund Burke

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