Lucrative Delivery Business Ideas to Invest In

The delivery business is profitable, especially now when people are busy at their workplaces. People are opting to make purchases online and need those items delivered to their doorsteps. Home delivery business does not require a lot of capital. You only need to have the willingness and marketing skills. These are some profitable delivery business ideas you can start today.

Mail Delivery

Many people with postal addresses do not have the time to pick mails from the post office. Many people work for long hours in their offices. As such, they need someone to help them pick mails from post offices to their homes and offices. You can start a business to pick mails and deliver them to their addresses at a fee.

Parcel Delivery

From time to time, people need to send parcels from towns to upcountry and vice versa. If you have a van, you can get a license and start picking and delivering packages to their addresses. If you can deliver parcels within the shortest time possible, you are sure of getting many customers.

Pizza Delivery

Pizza delivery business is gaining traction, with many people ordering pizzas from their homes and offices. You can liaise with Pizza companies to pick and deliver pizzas to customers. You need to agree on the terms of payment; who will be paying you, the customer of the pizza company.

Newspaper Delivery

Many people working in offices like reading newspapers during their free time. Unfortunately, there are few door to door newspaper delivery companies. You can buy newspapers in large quantities and deliver them to offices and homes. It would help if you advertise your business and let people know that you are offering newspaper vending services.

Tea, Milk, Coffee and Bread Delivery

Delivering coffee, tea and snacks to homes and offices is a lucrative business. People do not have time to prepare breakfast, preferring to buy from vendors. Liaise with your customers and know at when you can make a delivery. Also, most offices have tea breaks, and you can get orders to deliver snacks and drinks.

Lunchbox Delivery

Doctors are advising people to embrace organic food and avoid eating foods with calories. Unfortunately, most foods sold in hotels contain calories. As such, you prepare organic food in your home, get customers and make deliveries to their homes and offices. Organic foods are in high demand, and they fetch more profits. You need to get a license to operate this kind of business. You can be sure that this is a business that will pay you off.

Bottled Water Delivery

Starting a bottled water delivery business will fetch you profits. Many offices provide bottled water to its employees, and you can find a company that can give you an order to deliver bottled water. Also, delivering bottled water in events like weddings will help you increase your revenues. Talk to people and let them about your business. Whenever there is an event, they can alert you, and you can talk to the organizers and request if they can give you an order.


The delivery business is lucrative, especially now when people are busy at their workplaces. Helping people by delivering packages they do not find time to pick will pay you well. To succeed in this business, you need excellent marketing skills.

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