Looking For the Perfect Gift? Giftamillion Has You Covered

Giftamillion is a premier retailer of all things “gift”. Check out our interview below, to learn more about this forward-thinking brand.

  1. Q: Can you give us an overview about your company,

A: Is NY Based startup build on idea of spreading joy and happiness by giving out gifts. Gifts are such an important part of our life which brings everlasting joy and long term memories. We cover almost all the Major Brands so can be one stop shop for best sellers of these brands.


  1. Q: What inspired the launch of such a fun business concept?

A: Just imagine if each one of us give gifts to 3 people out there and show them that how much we care and love about them and those 3 people give gifts to 3 other people ; It will trigger chain reaction of gifts, happiness and joy in millions of hearts.

  1. Q: Some people might think that gift giving is limited to big holidays, like Christmas or birthdays. What are some other occasions that are perfect for gift giving?


A: I would say everyday can be celebrated as an occasion. In Life small things matter a lot and if we start caring about small things or to celebrate each moment of life no matter how big or small; Life will be wonderful.


  1. Q: What are 3 of your favorite products on the site, and why?


A: We have Millions of Inventory and to select 3 out of them is really a hard call. Generally, I like Picture frames from Malden International and huge variety of Figurines from Lenox and Roman Inc.



  1. Q: Your company offers world-wide shipping (awesome). What are some benefits of this perk?

A: The good news is that we have USPS post office at our own store. So Shipping is not an issue for us. Mostly Online Stores in USA do not ship Worldwide. So this is definitely an edge to & also to Customers; That we are offering USA Made Items to world.


  1. Q: You also own other brands, as well as physical stores. Can you tell us a little more about those?


A: Yes, We have Gift Stores in NY and network of distributors, sales representatives; Contacts with wholesalers in the industry. You can say our store fronts have every possible item which can be gifted on any occasion or any special moment.


  1. Q: You’ve been in the retail and wholesale industry for over 20 years, and probably have seen so many changes. What advice would you give to startups in regards to longevity?


A: Persistence is the key to anything. I was reading few days back that from 900+ Startups funded by Y-Combinator mostly have been shut down. The Point is failure is part of the life but to believe in something and every day when you wake up you say it’s possible and you work hard and stay focused on that particular thing will make you stay in industry and key to longevity.


  1. Q: What’s next for giftamillion in the future?


A: Oh, We have much much things going on for We are working on multiple ideas e.g one of the idea is to give out American Greetings Card Free with each Product.

Headquarters of will be at 240 Page Ave, Staten Island, NewYork. In few years we see ourselves as major online retailer and playing our role in creating new jobs and contributing to the economy.

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