Julie Queler

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Julie Queler is a visionary with passion. In 2003, she founded The Orchid Recovery Center, a center for women struggling with addiction. Her innovating 12 step plan combined yoga, meditation, nutrition and counseling and is now replicated in programs across the United States. A transformative trip to India is the epicenter of all her inspiration. She spent time there learning about advocacy, being passionate about compassion and how to find balance in your life. She brought all of these lessons back with her and used them to guide and fuel her work.

The Orchid grew into a successful recovery center, helping countless women get back on their feet and chart a new journey and life for themselves. Thanks to Julie’s unique referral program, more and more women got the help they needed everyday. In 2013, Julie decided to sell The Orchid. It was time for a new adventure. Julie founded JPQ2 Productions and started working with a variety of different companies. As JPQ2 grew, Julie found a niche for herself in the debt recovery industry. The more she worked in the industry, the more she learned about student loans and the pressure that they put on students who are trying to get an education.

The more she saw, the more she wanted to help. In addition to running her now successful company, Julie is now planning on offering a scholarship to help students reach their dreams of higher education. She wants to make sure that everyone knows that they can change the world if they have passion and work hard.

How did you get involved in the recovery industry?

I wanted to make a difference. I know what it takes to seek help and I wanted to help empower other women to get the help that they needed. My time in India helped me develop the unique 12 step program used in The Orchid. When paired with yoga, meditation, nutrition and counseling, that program changed the lives of so many women.

Did you ever doubt your business idea?

Who doesn’t doubt their ideas from time to time? I had first hand experience with recovery so I felt like I had a solid footing, but of course there were times when I doubted. Thankfully, those doubts were pushed aside every time I saw a woman successfully complete the program.

Do you have any regrets about your career choices?

Not at all. Every career move I have made in my life has led to something bigger and better. The Orchid was a transformative experience for me. Selling it was hard, but I knew that I needed to move on. JPQ2 Productions has been so much fun. I have learned a lot and we are growing and changing every day. Each new project has brought on new learning experiences and helped propel me into the next idea or task.

What does the future hold for your company?

I am very excited about what the future holds. I want to help inspire others to create movements and start projects that they are passionate about. I want to empower people to believe that they can change the world. All it takes is one person to believe in you to set off a waterfall of action.

What motivates you?

Seeing other passionate people work on their projects. When you watch someone who is truly passionate about something work on their project, it’s hard not to get excited with them. Passionate people are the best, they have a quality about them that is infectious in the best possible way. It makes me want to work harder on my passion projects.

How do you unwind?

Yoga and meditation! When I was in India, I spent a lot of time learning more about yoga and meditation. After coming back from that trip, I made it a goal to integrate daily meditation and as much yoga as I could manage into my busy work schedule. It keeps me focused and centered.

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