Jason McLaughlan

Jason McLaughlan is a Utah based entrepreneur and the President of Western Fence Co, Inc. Jason assumed the position of company President in 2003. The Murray, Utah based Western Fence Company offers a broad range of permanent and temporary fencing products. The fences are made from a variety of tested raw materials, including aluminum, wood, wrought iron, vinyl and steel. Under Jason’s leadership and innovative mindset, Western Fence has witnessed steady growth.

Evidence points to massive recapitalization and machinery upgrades. Due to Jason McLaughlan able leadership, the company has built a solid reputation for churning out, competitively priced, durable fencing products. As the oldest fencing company in Utah, the company has also formed a long lasting relationship with its clients. This has in turn boosted customer referrals and cemented the company’s position in the market. The bulk of the customers are homeowners, schools, farms and businesses operating in the Greater Salt Lake City and neighboring states.

How did you get involved in the fencing industry?

My parents were an industrious lot, and this is where my story began. I took over the family business when things were not looking up. My first responsibility was clearing the crippling debts and revamping the operations. Because of its rich history, the company prides itself in producing a wide variety of high quality fencing products. My brief is to ensure the legacy stands the test of time.

Did you ever doubt the viability of your business idea?

I am a man who believes in the value of ingenuity. Immediately after taking charge of the company some 25 years ago, my sight was trained on building a powerful brand. Today, the company sells its products across different states, including Idaho, Nevada, Colorado as well as the home state of Utah. Our product portfolio includes chain link fence, vinyl fence, wood fence, wrought iron fence and aluminum fence. We are a responsive company and that is why we make products according to industry standards and guided custom specifications.

Are there any mentors in your life?

I have many people to appreciate. I will include my parents and grandparents for their vision and business partners from across the US who have always encouraged and supported me.

Have you ever been taken aback by your career choices?

It is understandable to have concerns, especially when it comes to business, but none of these have ever gotten the better of me. I always maintain positive attitudes because it instills the spirit of success. My career background is steeped in construction and management. These skills have been instrumental in making good judgment and guaranteeing value to my customers.

Which business leaders do you admire most?

I really respect the resilience of Andrew Carnegie and the inventiveness of Elon Musk.

What does the future hold for your company?

We have come a long way and the sky is the limit. The company will continue to invest in strategies that promote quality while preserving the traits that make us strong. I believe our strength will continue to lie on innovation and the motivation of our workers.

What is the most important aspect of your brand?

Our brand is unique in many ways. First of all, it is the oldest fencing company in Utah. This fact alone makes it tougher for any competitor or startup to match our pedigree in terms of quality, experience and reading of the market curve. Secondly, we are a responsive family business focused on delivering what we stand for and wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize that trust.

What motivates you?

I am motivated by the urge to solve problems. The fencing industry has undergone tremendous disruptions when it comes to core aspects like materials, functionality and curb appeal. We now have electric fencing, which requires high tensile wiring, voltage control and even surveillance appendages. As a player in the industry, my duty is to ensure our products measure up to the market standards.

How do you unwind?

My two effective approaches for unwinding is playing and refocusing my mind on the present. My favorite sports include tennis and freesball. Focusing on the present is a critical relaxation technique that helps clear the mind and promote breathing. Since my home is removed from the big city, I always do this by listening to the sounds and sights of nature. This includes the chirping of the birds and the waving of the trees.

Do you have any advice for our readers?

If you are in business, especially one that involves production my advice is know how to standardize your products because customers care a lot about product quality and cost implications. I say this because a low priced, quality product will always sell where there is demand.

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