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We caught up with Paras, head recruiter of a leading recruitment company Primo Hiring, which has grown steadily to capture the Indian recruitment market. Primo finds the best manpower for its clients, in diverse roles spanning functions like marketing, business management and finance among others, thereby connecting millions of job seekers to their dream job. Here’s an excerpt from the interview.


What is the most important aspect of your brand?

There are a couple of things that make us who we are. First, our focus on delivering results fast. Our hiring time of 11-20 days is much quicker than the industry average and that’s how we ensure that our client’s keep their engines running. Second, and the more important quality of our brand is the sharp eye and expertise of our recruiters. Hiring the right people is a priority for both us and our clients. Our experience of an extensive pre-employment testing and closing 700+ openings ensures that we generate infallible hiring results.


Why do you think your clients promote you?

Well, we save them tons of time and money! 93% of our clients rate our services ‘great’ or ‘excellent’. This reflects their faith in our hiring process and happiness with the star candidates we recommend. And we always let them make the call, while remaining in the sidelines to answer any doubts they have. Over time, our process has grown to be very flexible to their needs and feedback, and our clients love this.


What has primo achieved that you’re most proud of?

Our recruitment consultancy has received requests from all kinds of businesses, be it multinational companies, 100 year old conglomerates, startups and even NGOs, and we’ve managed to make businesses of all sizes happy! Our team of recruiters closes very specific positions sometimes. In one hiring case for example, we helped a major real estate developer find the ideal accounts executive. The multinational firm operates in US and India, and required a qualified accounts executive who would report weekly to a senior manager based in US. So not only did we require the candidate to possess suitable accounting experience and knowledge from Indian IFRS standards but the firm also required the candidate to possess such knowledge as per US based GAAP standards. We closed the position in 11 days and the client continues to be an important hiring partner for us.


What have been some of the most pressing challenges the business faces?

Making businesses understand how costly delays can be – whether it is in starting to actively look for candidates to fill a position or offering the employment letter. Some clients approach us with requests only after filling the position has become critical to avoid damage to their core business. In such cases, clients usually have to balance time against quality in choosing the candidate, which is not a trade-off we ever want to put our clients in. But finding the top performers is like a hunt for a needle in a haystack and can’t be done if you‘ve only got 2 days to do everything.

What tips do you have for your companies and candidates in a job search?

Candidates, always be on time for your interview, whether is is online or offline. Nothing really puts a person off, and people in senior positions specially, than people who don’t respect other’s time. The same actually holds for companies as well. Time is critical in hiring. I recently read that the top 10% candidates in any profession only wait for at most 10 days before taking the current offer, in this highly competitive job marketplace. So it is good to be clear of your hiring priorities.


What does the future hold for your company?

Currently we provide manpower to organisations across 14 industries like business services, travel and hospitality, consumer products, telecommunications, education, among others. We will definitely look to further expand our portfolio and help companies in other sectors capitalise on the great human talent. Also, we expect to push towards fulfilling RPO and bulk recruitment needs of companies, in addition to manpower recruitment and executive search, where we currently specialize in.

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