How to Get Your Startups Roaming Charges under Control

Cut your roaming charges in half.

Startups must keep the operational cost low in order to achieve long term success. According to Fundera, the big expenditure items for most startups and small business include incorporation fees, equipment acquisition, office space, marketing, inventory and furniture’s and fittings. The list also includes payroll, utilities and taxes. Looking at the particulars, the cost of acquiring equipment’s can range anywhere from $10,000 to $125,000 while furniture’s and fittings may claim up to 10% of the total budget.

According to Under30CEO, startups can keep the operating cost low by doing the following:
• Hiring workers willing to part with low pay
• Keeping the cost of legal services low
• Avoiding long term commitments when signing business contracts and agreements
• Instituting roaming control to keep communication cost low

Controlling roaming charges

As business executives and rest of the staff travel the globe, the roaming charges are bound to rise due to high mobile voice and data roaming charges. Small businesses and startups must find ways to control the cost in order to safeguard the bottom-line. The best place to start is sensitizing employees about the charges the company is incurring. The workers must then be co-opted in any cost-cutting measures forwarded by the company. According to the highly resourceful Search Mobile Computing website, the following strategies can help small businesses reduce roaming charges.

1. Encouraging the use local SMS Cards

One of the easiest strategies to ward-off high roaming charges when traveling overseas is acquiring a local SIM card or phone. This decision is informed by the fact that SIM cards are much cheaper to purchase and use locally. If your phone is usable overseas, make sure the SIM line is not blocked. This will make it possible for you to use SIMS from various overseas voice and data providers.

2. Use affordable international plans

The other effective strategy to curtail expensive data roaming charges is subscribing to competitively priced international access plans. Before signing up for the plan, take time to read the read and understand the terms offered by the local or international wireless carrier.

3. Connect to VoIP

If you already have a Wi-Fi Hotspot, a Voice over IP (VoIP) application can help you make cheaper calls compared to using mobile voice network. For instance, Skype and similar Apps allow users to make cheap voice and video calls from anywhere in the world for at least a minute. People who use the service often avoid high charges associated with roaming services. One of the downsides of using VoIP is the inability to receive calls due to the disconnect between the service and regular phone number.

4. Invest in Wi-Fi

A growing number of people are turning to Wi-Fi to bypass high charges that characterize most data networks. For instance, it is much cheaper to download files sent over Wi-Fi. Although some of the Hotspots charge a daily fee, the rates are usually lower for a 24-hour internet access. Wi-Fi Hotspots are also found in many public places, i.e. restaurants and cafes, public parks and libraries. For Wi-Fi Hotspots that do not offer international access, there are a number of services that offer international internet for a reasonably priced, fixed monthly rate.

5. Put off roaming service

The other option is to switch-off the roaming service altogether. It is important to recognize that virtually all the Mobile Device Roaming Systems in the market today have a roaming capability installed. However, none of the roaming systems will grant you the permission to connect to expensive overseas phone networks.

Choose the most affordable local roaming control service

The number of mobile users is expected to increase in the coming years as more people embrace 4G mobile capabilities. Syniverse is transforming mobile communication experience by making it easy for users to engage through a secure, rich interactive media. The other benefits include real-time messaging and chat, which make it easy for companies to optimize their marketing campaigns to achieve better cross-selling and conversion scores.

Since security is a vital component of communication, the platform bypasses public internet to guarantee security of information. The other security safeguards put in place to protect subscribing customers include user identity verification system that uses messaging and alerts and customer protection protocol to prevent roaming fraud. The company’s Mobile Policy Control Center is specially designed to help users take charge of roaming charges.

Businesses engaged in eCommerce can choose the company’s smart eCommerce solutions to manage wholesale relationship, monetize business transactions and try the automated billing and clearance solutions. The company has already roped in a number of high-powered customers such as Amazon, Google and Cisco Systems. To tap into the network of the world’s most connected companies, call the sales team today on +1 (866) 792 2013 or the support line at +1 (813)233 7860.

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