Grant Alert: 7 Small Business Contests You Can Still Enter in 2018

Are you a small business owner? Do you want to grow, nourish and see your business flourish in 2018 and beyond? Well, then you are in luck! Not only is Uncle Sam handing out grants to the most gifted entrepreneurs, but eager investors and private companies are joining the mix. We’ve gathered a list of 7 notable small business contests that are quickly approaching deadlines.  Check them out, pitch your business, or share this list with a friend or family member who could use the extra dough!

1. Inc. and the UPS Store Grant

Did you that you can win up to $25,000 to grow your business and get editorial publicity just by making a video or writing an essay about your vision for it? That’s all you have to do to apply for this grant. The Small Biz Salute Pitch Off, presented by Inc. and The UPS Store® is ending soon,  so you’ll want to hurry! The deadline is May, 4th.

2. State Bank and Trust Grant

The SB Small Business Grant is a fun, creative way for Georgia business owners to add $20,000 to their revenue by submitting a short video no more than 2 minutes. Send in your application before May 18 for a shot at this grant.

3. Arch Grants Global Startup Competition

Are you innovative, creative, industrious, ambitious and willing to HQ in St. Louis for at least one year? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then the Arch Grants Startup small business contest is for you. Apply before May 15th for a chance to win $50,000 and mentorship opportunities for your company.

4. FedEx Small Business Grant Contest (Yes, It’s Still Open… if You’re in Canada!)

Any Canadian business owners in the house? If so, you stand a chance to win $25,000, $15,000 or $5,000 from the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest. It’s simple: highlight what makes your business amazing, share it with your friends and get as many likes as you can before May 6!

5. Signarama Boost Your Business Contest

Wish yourself into a business makeover today! Make a wish list for your company in this small business contest for your chance to win $15,000 in new signage from Signarama. The deadline is May 31.

6. Shell Smarter Future Program Contest

For just stating how you can provide earth with food, power and other resources in future, you can win this $5,000 for-UK-residents-only. This is a monthly occurring grant opportunity.

7. GirlBoss Foundation Grant

A gift from the founder of Girlboss, this grant is a chance for you to add $15,000 to your petty cash box. Not sure you qualify? Well, you qualify if your answer is “yes” to all these questions: are you an up-and-coming female entrepreneur in the US? Is your business in the design, fashion, music and art industries? Can you demonstrate need and are your numbers in order? FYI, the deadline for this grant’s Spring Submission is usually May 31.

What are you waiting for? Apply for a chance to help your business grow today!


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