Global Young Executive Provides a Space for Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Global Young Executive is an emerging online magazine and community that focuses on the latest business updates from the perspective of young entrepreneurs and professionals. Read our Q and A session for more details about this dynamic magazine.

  1. Q: Give us a brief overview of your business

A: Global Young Executive is an online business magazine written by young professionals for young professionals. We provide entrepreneurs with a platform to share their journey into business so our readers can be the first to read about exciting startup ventures and innovative concepts, as well as business news, tips and advice.

  1. Q: What sparked the concept to create a site that exclusively markets to young professionals?

A: Global Young Executive aims to create a community of young professionals, as we believe that networks provide great support, particularly to recent graduates and young professionals embarking on their journey into business. We have partnered with great organisations such as Global Entrepreneurship Week to provide the tools for entrepreneurs to make their concepts a reality. We believe it that it can take just one story from someone else’s experience to inspire a person to trust in their ability to pursue their dream venture, so if we can inspire one person to carve out their own path in business, then we have achieved our goal.

  1. Q: Your site features profiles on young entrepreneurs from all over the world. In your opinion, why is it important to have a global perspective in business?

A: For us, a global perspective means bringing different cultures, experience, knowledge and skill sets to the table. We are all conditioned to approach problem solving in a business context based on these factors that are unique to each individual. By supporting entrepreneurs from all corners of the globe in sharing their stories, each reader can take away with them a new perspective or influence. Sharing and connecting with others is so crucial in business, as without a global perspective we limit how we can learn from others.

  1. Q: Last year GYE took part in Global Entrepreneurship Week in the UK. How was that experience?

A: As a partner of Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) 2014 we were able to make a measurable international impact in supporting entrepreneurs around the world. Involvement in the largest celebration of innovators was exciting for us as our goals are so closely aligned to those of GEW and we were able to impact some of the 8,285,533 participants.

  1. Q: Many young professionals aspire to grow in their careers, as well as succeed as an entrepreneur. Any tips on how to balance the two?

A: We wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a case of balancing the two, but rather focusing your passion and energy into pursuing your ambitions. Success can be defined in many different ways, it does not simply mean making money. Success can be making a significant difference to your target audience; it could mean developing an innovative concept or it could mean exploring different possibilities to a challenge society faces. However you define success in your venture, each step you make in exploring your entrepreneurial journey allows you to develop transferable skills that can benefit you in any corporate setting. As we firmly believe in every individual exploring their entrepreneurial potential, we provide aim to help inspire people to have belief in their self. It is self-belief that facilitates career growth and ‘success’.

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