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Fashion Startup “Love Me Trender” on eBay, E-commerce, and Success in The Clothing Industry

Love Me Trender is a U.S. based clothing boutique that features fashion-forward attire, at competitive prices.  Below, you can find my interview with Yeva Bogoroditskaya, one-third of this fashion empire.

  1. Q: In a brief description, tell us about Love Me Trender ( and how it was conceived?

A: Brett Syslo and I started Love Me Trender because we really wanted to provide high quality, trendy and USA made clothing at affordable prices. Brett has an extensive knowledge of entertainment industry while working on Tv shows such as Project Runway and Toddlers and Tiaras, and I have extensive knowledge of fashion industry gained while working as a model most of my teen years. I also think, now is the best time to jump into online retail. Projections show that online businesses are still in the growth stage. In 1997, consumers spent about 2.7 billion on the Internet, and in 2015 numbers will top $300 billion. In my heart, I’m an entrepreneur and couldn’t ignore the opportunity. Most importantly, we wanted the opportunity to control our own destiny.

  1. Q: You currently use an eBay store as your e-Commerce platform. What do you like most about using eBay?

A: eBay is certainly a perfect launch pad for e-commerce start-ups. With the help of eBay we are able to easily reach our target audience at a quicker pace. Trust and reliability of a company that has been around for 20 years is the main reason we decided to go with eBay.


  1. Q: What has been your most successful tool you use to market your business?

A: I think using value additions have been great, we stand behind the quality of our product and I think that makes people feel safe while shopping with us. We also offer discounts to our repeat costumers. I strongly believe in excellent costumer service and at Love Me Trender costumer is always right, providing excellent service has helped us gain more customers through referrals.

  1. Q: What’s the greatest challenge of a Start Up online boutique?

A: The greatest challenge is making sure people know that we exist. We started on eBay because eBay had 17.9 billion revenue just last year, those high numbers speaks volumes about the business. People trust eBay and they trust us from our 100% positive feedback.

  1. Q: What’s next on the horizon for Love Me Trender?

A: In 2016, we are planning to leave eBay and exclusively sell on Although eBay has been great so far and provided necessary tools to survive as a start-up, it doesn’t support the needs of fully established business. Our goal is to bring USA manufactured goods at affordable costs to the masses.


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