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Exclusive Interview with India’s Leading Startup Expert and Co-founder of RedDoorz


  1. For those who don’t know you, who is Kunwar Asheesh Saxena?

I started my journey as open source programmer, solution architect, technology consultant and now evolved as a technology business strategist. My professional journey started with IT&T and I was deputed to EDS Gulf States as a technology consultant. I got engaged with EDS techies from across the globe and this was my first international exposure and foundation of my technology strategist mindset. I have worked with cross-cultural teams across the globe as a technical architect and solution consultant mostly in travel technology domain. Post that nearly after a decade of consulting experience, I landed in MakeMyTrip and lead the hotel technology vertical along with various other roles in technology leadership. I co-founded Reddoorz as a technology partner and now is a part of this entrepreneurial journey.


  1. How did you guys came with the idea of RedDoorz?

We together share decades of experience in hotel and travel domain, this space shows promising growth prospects especially in South East Asia market. We felt we can provide win-win prospect to both travelers and property owners with the assistance of word class technology, so far, our hypothesis is proving right, and we are adding a sizable number of happy customers as well as properties month on month.


  1. Which mistake did you learn the most from?

The mistake is a negative word, rather I would say turning point or chance of opportunity, during my consultancy career I started feeling that rather solving problems in somebody else’s business why not build something of our own and make a bigger impact. While in MMT I witnessed the listing event at Nasdaq and it triggered my hidden ambition. I took the very first opportunity to start something of our own



  1. What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs that might be starting their own companies?

My advice is simple, make sure you are solving someone’s problem not number two or three, it must be the solution to someone’s burning need. And you need to be passionate about it. Team up with the right people who share the similar passion and sold out to the idea. Technology must be the tool to solve the problem. Technology solution which is not solving something burning will end up in cold bag. Keep yourself up to date to the technology trends. Keep focused and always listen to your customers. And be ready for roller coaster rides.

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