Entrepreneur Success: Shaun Sadlier on Launching CCaption TV

CCaption TV is an innovative, online streaming service that makes media accessible to people who may be Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or those who are trying to expand their scope of the English language.  Read my interview with Shaun Sadlier to learn more about this amazing company.


  • Please introduce yourself and/or your company to our audience?

Hello, my name is Shaun Sadlier and I’m a founder of CCaption TV.


  • How long has been around?


CCaption TV formed on May 2015 and we launched on September 2015.


  • What inspired the creation of such an innovative service?


The CCaption TV concept was borne out of my frustration at the lack of suitably captioning film and TV content by large digital streaming services such as Netflix UK, Blinkbox, Amazon UK and many more.


It became apparent to me that this frustration was shared by many thousands of people throughout the deaf communities around the world and that I would need to drive a solution through myself and ideas on how to build and launch a service.


The CCaption TV concept is entirely unique with no other service anywhere in the world providing digital content streaming designed specifically for Deaf, Deafen, Hard of Hearing people and anyone else who wished to learn the English language or the Sign Language from the Deafwood category.


  • Deafwood seams like an extremely progressive concept. For anyone who may not know, please explain  what Deafwood is, and the impact that it will have on your industry?


Deafwood is Deaf community movie industry and they often excludes in the mainstream, so, our company promote their works on our website to ensure they get maximum exposure and mixed with the mainstream movie’s. They are very creative and everybody should know about the Deafwood and to have access to watch their short films, trailer, and many more. Many of their works shattered all over the place so our company to bring all in one place.


  • How long have you been an entrepreneur? When did you first know that you wanted to start your own business?


I always wanted to be an entrepreneur since my childhood. My Dad was an entrepreneur and I follow his footsteps. Also, there are lots of great entrepreneur’s who never give up which inspired me.


  • One big challenge that you faced, and how you mastered it.


I got no fund to start a business which it is a big challenge. I start with bootstrap to get the money together to fund this business which it is very difficult. Also, I mostly “do-it-myself” rather asking someone.


I keep looking around for the useful tools without spending too much money such as the Facebook, Google Apps and WAVEapp. There are so many useful tools on the internet.


I build the business mostly single-hand and the website is so unbelievably difficult to build to make sure all coding working smoothly.


There are over 300,000 coding lines which took me many months to build. So far, so good.


  • How do you stay motivated?


I believe in myself and that I can do it. Also, I got lots of positive response from the customers and the Deaf community. One of comment on the CCaption TV Facebook Fan Page is “I am so glad to see that you haven’t give up on your dream to give that billion of hearing loss/deaf people have always dream and hope for.”


  • One expert tip on achieving your dreams:


Giving up is a failure. Never ever give up and no matters how hard is it, even it suck your life out.


  • Please share your future goals (could be personal and/ or business-related):


Our business aims to be a major global player to ensure our service reached out to everybody in the world. And, of course, to enjoy our service without missing out any movie entertainment.


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