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Entrepreneur Success Story: Greg Reitman on Instagram Video Marketing

Video advertising is becoming increasingly popular among startups and established businesses alike. It allows business owners to have a direct and instant line of communication with their customers.  I got a chance to speak with the founder, Greg Reitman.  His agency has its finger on the pulse of what may be the next big thing in online marketing. Check out our convo below.

1. Q: Can you tell us more about you and your agency?

A: I’m an LA based Video Producer & Marketer based in Los Angeles. I recently launched a new service helping Artists, Brands and Businesses create videos on Instagram. It’s no secret that Video on social media and mobile is here to stay, so I wanted to provide an affordable service where I can work directly with clients to come up with unique ways to integrate and promote video content. My portfolio of videos can be found on Instagram.


2. Q: How’d you get started with creating Instagram videos?

A: In 2014, I launched Flying Blynd with a good buddy of mine, Alejandro Nieto who resides in Brooklyn. It’s a quirky Instagram account where we create colorful videos with stock footage, stuff we’ve shot ourselves as well as found public domain video. Alejandro plays and records original music and I source and Edit together the visuals. A week after launch, we heard from multiple Art Galleries (both domestic and international), Businesses & Musicians who were looking to have videos created to build their Brand on Instagram. I knew we were on to something and wanted to take this idea to the next level.


3. Q: Why is visual advertisement so important nowadays?

A: It’s truly mind blowing how fast social media is moving and how inundated we are with various forms of online content. There is just so much stuff to sift through on your social networks it begins to feels so overwhelming that I want to just throw my hands up in the air and say “Ok Internet. You win.”  Visual content is so much easier to digest that the written word. I’d much rather watch a short video to learn or be entertained. Despite what others say, social media is still in it’s infancy. Instagram launched in 2010 and only began integrating video into their platform in 2013. There is tremendous growth and opportunities on Instagram to use visual & video content to build an audience and promote your product or service.


4. Q: Each Instagram video only lasts a few seconds. How on earth do you manage to convey profound messages in such a short amount of time?

A: Great point. It’s pretty simple actually. I worked with a Musician here in LA recently whose main metric for a successful campaign was to get people to attend their album release party at a local music venue. I took their existing music video which was about 3 minutes long and cut it to :15 seconds. The visuals was a similar vibe to the music video and I integrated the chorus of their hit song as well. In the description, I wrote a clear call to action telling people where they can see the band. We targeted people in LA using Los Angeles specific hashtags on
the post as well and gave a nice incentive to come by giving a 30% discount on all merchandise they were selling at the show. We didn’t get a ton of likes on that post, but the venue was packed and we made sure to ask the person who was collecting the tickets how they heard about the show. With that insight, we were clearly able to see a direct correlation between the Instagram post and ticket sales.


5. Q: There are a lot of outlets for posting videos (Instagram, Vine, YouTube, Facebook, etc.). What’s your favorite platform and why?

A: I think each platform serves their own unique purpose. Audiences are completely different on each medium so a video that would play out very well on Twitter, may not necessarily work on Facebook or Vine. I’m all about directing your efforts on where your audience is and not what social network is hot right now. I like to test and my clients appreciate that. If they are open to it, I like to take their content and create videos for each platform. It’s pretty exhilarating to see what works and the type of response my clients get. I really love what I do.


 6. Q: A lot of digital marketing campaigns aim to go “viral”. Do you have any tips or advice in regards to viral marketing?

A: I actually don’t have any advice on getting things to go “Viral”. It’s just an arbitrary buzzword Marketers use to try and convince potential customers that they have the secret sauce. I’m all about putting cool stuff out there for my clients. If you have great content, a killer product and a specific metric to measure against, that’s all you can really ask for. The longevity of the content that’s produced will surely scale.

If your readers are interested in learning more about how I can help them with
creating videos on Instagram they can visit our website .


This is a guest post that is a part of our new interview web series. Featured Entrepreneurs are interviewed and talk about their experiences, journey to success, and overcoming challenges. 

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