Cando App, The Marketplace That Lets You Make Extra Cash From Your Talents (Interview With Founder, Pasha Naserabadi)

Cando App is a cutting-edge platform that lets you earn extra cash by offering your skills to others. Checkout my interview with founder, Pasha Naserabadi, to learn more about how it works and get details about their amazing success!

  1. What is the Cando App?

Well, in a glance it is a Marketplace for local skills. Therefore, everybody can share his talents and finds people who need that talent. In this way, even students are capable to earn little money.

Cando App

  1. Tell me what made you create this platform

I was born in a country which has a huge number of educated job seekers.

In my opinion, If we sit and wait for someone to make job for unemployed people, it’s a wrong expectation!

Instead, we can encourage people to promote their talents and skills online like many freelancers do!

As an instance, how many agencies providing “Dog walking service” and if it costs reasonable?!

On the other hand, step by step the professions will get more serious and customers expectation goes higher.

But still there are lots of untouched potentials in society.

Imagine, Europe is now facing a huge number of Refugees which are supported by governments. But the refugee was working in his country before the war. So he definitely has an skill which is unseen and nobody knows.

Let say by this potential we can absorb new capacities into the society.


  1. How can people connect via Cando?

Well, everyone has an account and it is possible to leave a message skill owner. Then, he will respond to the request and the payment stuff is done out of Cando !


4. Payments done out of Cando App? What do you mean?

Yes, we are an open platform for make the people connecting to each other. Therefore, we won’t middle in to their own deal.

5. What is your Entrepreneurship background?

Well, my first Entrepreneurship was a “on call supporting service” in Iran. During the time I was living in Iran, it was my proud for making job for many specialists and earned more than 500K consumers for “Rayaneh Komak”.

You know, Iran was ranked 150 regarding “ease of doing business” during my entrepreneurship and it means if you can earn white money in this situation then you are a super!

But I should mention that, “ease of doing business” in Iran is much more better after Iran nuclear deal and lots of people coming to Iran for investment and this is a huge improvement in just 2 years!

6.What other projects are you working on?

For now, I’m CEO at “Sestoji Planeta” which is active in Vilnius Techpark. Cando App is the first but not the last. In very early future, we will publish our “Dating App” which is significantly different as the others.

 7. How can people get the app?

It’s very easy!

Just download the Cando App from Google play or Apple store and share your talent. That’s it!



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