CallSec Mobile Makes Global Calling Simple Through Innovative App

I’m excited to share our latest interview with Ben McGuire. He is the director of  CallSec Mobile, a cutting-edge mobile app company that allows its users to make affordable calls across the globe. Check out our conversation below to learn more.

  1. Q: Can you provide our readers with a little background information about yourself and CallSec Mobile?

A: My name is Ben McGuire and I am the current Director of McGuire Holdings Pty Ltd trading as CallSec Mobile. I have been and worked in the Information Technology field for the past 15 years. During this time I have help numerous certification’s including: – CISSP (Certified Information System Security Professional) CCNA (Certified Cisco Network Associate) and minimal certifications in bother the Network and Security arena.

We started CallSec Mobile with an idea to bring secure, private and cost effective communications to everyone through the world. CallSec Mobile started out as just an idea in my home office and now it is a global communications platform.


  1. Q: What inspired the creation of such an innovative app?

A: We travelled to South Africa where we discovered that the average consumer would rather use messaging application and communication mobile applications due to the high price or calls within that country. We initially wanted to give encrypted, secure calls to the people of Africa and the Middle East due to their current high cost and force the current mobile carriers to lower their prices to a reasonable level. They have not listened so now we have a large consumer based both within Africa and across the globe.

Currently our services are covered by a monthly fee however, for individuals or countries that are facing unrest or are under wartime conditions CallSec Mobile provides its services free of charge. We are avid supporters of global transparency, privacy and the rights of individuals.


  1. Q: There seems to be a rising demand for business and personal global calling. How does your company meet this demand?

A: We are always looking to expand and we are constantly increasing server and load capacity to meet these demands. We started out with just one virtual server in South Africa and now we have over 12 all over the world. Most servers are located in Amazons EC2 Datacenters spread out on every continent. This enables to meet our capacity requirements and to provide almost zero latency for all our customers.

With increased demand for both business and personal communications, CallSec Mobile has succeeded in providing a unique worldwide calling application to provide not only secure and private calls but also minimize costs to businesses that currently make a large number of calls abroad.


  1. Q: How does your company keep ahead of its competitors?

A: We are always innovating and keeping up with the current communication technology so we stay one step ahead and so our customers have the latest and greatest technology to provide to its customers.

Unlike many other calling mobile apps, CallSec Mobile is all about the customer. Our support staff are online 24 hours and day 7 days a week and our SLA requires support tickets to be answered with 60 mins and resolved within 4 hours.

We always listen to our customers’ needs, so if a customer comes to us and seeks a custom plan we do our very best to provide a custom solution to meet their needs.


  1. Q: What are some future goals for CallSecMobile? Any amazing things in the pipeline?

A: The future for CallSec Mobile appears very bright. We are currently working to provide video calling and on-the-fly email encryption in conjunction with voice dialing.

We also have some secret exciting projects to integrate with our calling app but for now these are a closely guarded secret. We expect to grow by a further 18% by the end of this year.

We can be reached via our website and social media links below:



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