Breakthrough Technology That Automatically Sends Notifications to Nearby Smartphones

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Since the launch of Becast Limited in May 2017, Becast has positioned itself at the forefront of the latest notification technology. They’ve developed a notification platform suited for every industry, however big or small.


Capable of broadcasting notifications to Android smartphones from up to 70 metres away, their transmitters (BeCasters) are smaller than a matchbox with an integrated power supply that’s guaranteed for 12 months. BeCasters can be fixed or mobile, enabling users to communicate directly with passing customers from their store premise or vehicle.


Harry Dorrans and Edward Roberts, Company Directors, answer our questions about Becast.



What service does Becast offer?


Becast is a new and exciting opportunity to connect with customers. Our transmitters automatically send bespoke notifications to nearby Android smartphones, which is a massive 85% of the smartphone market, without the requirement of a pre-installed app on the users phone.


What makes Becast different to other forms of advertising?


Becast is a new kind of marketing approach that will lure in customers from nearby locations. Notifications are clickable and can direct traffic to both websites and social media profiles. As a result, the interactive element will spur curiosity and interest in any kind of business operation.



Tell us about the transmitter device


The Becast transmitter is packed with cutting-edge technology that will transmit a notification to smartphones up to 70 metres away. The Becast transmitter does not require a SIM card, no WiFi or data signal and no battery charging! The device is only 4cm x 4cm x 1.4cm and contains a guaranteed 12 month battery.



Is the transmitter mobile?


Yes. Becast transmitters are perfect for driving instructors, taxis, tradespeople, delivery companies, etc. A transmitter can be kept in your glove compartment or door allowing it to automatically promote your business to passers by.



Is this service user friendly?


Smartphone user friendliness is key. Our notifications do not disrupt the user with a sound or vibration. They sit in the notification tray until clicked or dismissed. Smartphone users can also turn the feature off. We do not target notifications using any personal information such as a telephone number or email address.



What can be included in the notification?


Businesses can customise a notification with a title and a link. The notification is clickable and can take the user to your chosen website, social media page or app on Google Play. If a website is SSL secure then the notification also displays the website icon.



Where can readers buy one?


You can visit our website at and purchase a 12 month service for only £79.99 ($111.99 USD). We also offer free worldwide shipping. After purchasing your transmitter you can pre-activate the device and customise your notification.

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