Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny Discusses 6 Reasons New Startups Should Focus On Being Green

When beginning a startup company, you might not think about your responsibilities toward the planet. You might be focused only on building the best team or on creating the most exciting product. Environmental concerns might fall by the wayside.

Startups can and should do their part for the environment by going green. You can increase the profitability of your startup by going green, and you can feel better about their contributions to the world we live in.

Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny explains six reasons why new startups should focus on going green.

1. It’s Good for the Earth

Startups can make many concrete steps toward becoming more environmentally friendly. One of the most important steps you can take is to reduce the amount of waste that your company produces. Going paperless is a great way to reduce waste while making your company operate more efficiently. Buying recycled materials like paper products can be a big help for the environment.

Another step that could have a major benefit for our environment is adopting green energy. If your company installs solar or wind power at its facility, the system will eventually pay for itself and you will be able to sell your excess power back to the grid at a profit. You can also take advantage of state and federal tax credits for the adoption of renewable energy.

Alternative power sources can improve our environment. The energy sector generates up to 27 percent of the greenhouse gases emitted around the world each year. This is second only to the transportation sector at 28 percent. Every company that reduces its dependence on fossil fuels can make a positive impact.

2. It’s Good for Your Bottom Line

Going green can raise your profits. Reducing your use of raw materials lowers your costs and can drive up your profits. Recycling materials can present another financial benefit. Using less energy is less expensive. You will be able to keep more of your profits if you are not spending excess money on power and fuel.

3. It Benefits Your Branding

If you are well-known as an environmentally friendly company, your branding will benefit. Being seen as socially responsible will help to raise the standing of your company in the public eye.

Publicizing your contributions to the environment will help people recognize that your company is doing the right thing. While it is a good idea to let the public know what you are doing, it may be best to take a subtle approach toward promoting it to avoid giving yourself negative exposure.

Companies and individuals like to do business with socially responsible firms. Doing business with you will in turn raise their public standing.

4. It Brings Higher Employee Morale

When companies do their part to help the planet, employees are happier to do their jobs well. Many employees have strongly held opinions about the environment, and working for a company with definite principles will help them feel better about their jobs.

You can also encourage your employees to volunteer and do their part for the planet. Arranging environmental workdays is good for public relations, employee morale, and branding.

5. Joining the Ranks of Environmentally Friendly Companies

Many large corporations do their best to have a positive impact on the environment. Companies in all industries, from tech to consumer products, can make a positive contribution in this area. For example, Google’s operations are carbon-neutral. IKEA is dedicated to sustainability throughout its business. Unilever has a Sustainable Living Plan that governs all of its activities. These companies have realized the social and economic benefits of being environmentally conscious.

6. It Feels Good to Do Your Part

Together with these tangible benefits, you shouldn’t overlook the power of making positive choices for the environment. You can feel better about doing your job and be pleased that you are having a personal impact on the environment. You will be a good example for your children and for competing organizations, and you may start a trend toward green startups in your business community.

Understanding Why You Should Go Green

These six reasons make a compelling case for going green. Beyond the simple environmental benefits of making positive changes to your company’s operations, there are intangible benefits as well, including employee morale and enhanced branding.

All startups should consider their environmental impact as part of their business plan. Going green can save money and allow you to keep more of your profits. It also enables you to take your place among socially responsible companies with pride.

Amanda Jo of Organic Bunny has dedicated herself to making her business environmentally friendly. She encourages you to incorporate your concern for the planet in your business plan.

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