Accept Payments on Your iPad: 3 Tablet-Friendly POS Systems For Your Small Business

So, you’re ready to start accepting payments at your new business. Unlike the big bulky machinery from the 80’s and 90’s, you now have the option to choose amazing sleek POS (Point of Sale) systems. Ok, maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself. First, let’s cover exactly what a POS system is and why you might need one for your business. A POS system is generally comprised of some type of software and hardware technology that will allow you to accept payments from customers who visit your business. Think about going to your favorite grocery store, restaurant or anyplace. When you are ready to “checkout”, you hand the cashier your credit /debit card, and they swipe it. That machinery is the POS system.

POS systems are great for brick and mortar businesses that do a decent enough traffic to justify adding an additional monthly bill. If your business is really small, you might find small solutions like: the mobile version of Square (the Square Reader) suitable in the beginning. This is where you receive a tiny device that can attach to your cell phone and you can swipe and process credit cards by downloading an app on your phone.

For businesses that are planning on experiencing fast growth and traffic, you may want to look into something a bit more serious. In this article, I’m going to compare 3 popular tablet-friendly POS options.

#1. ShopKeep


Contract: No

Warranty: 1-year warranty on hardware under normal use

Hardware Fees: Complete Ready-to-go kits starting at $1,169.00. Kits not including ipads start at $560.

Monthly Service Fees: $49 per month (per register)

Perks: Custom colorful enclosures, offer personalized gift cards, sink with barcode scanners, scales and customize receipts

Notes: Can be used with virtually any payment processer


#2. Square (iPad Stands)


Contract: NO (only pay per transaction)

Warranty: 1-year on stands and readers

Hardware Fees: Kits without iPads start at $489. Kits with iPad start at $788.00

Monthly Service Fees: 2.75% for swiped transactions; 3.5 % + 15 cents for manually entered transactions

Perks: Sleek hardware with integrated swiper, customer email list


#3 Breadcrumb


Contract: Subscription Required

Warranty: 30 Days

Hardware Fees: Start at $99 per month for one register (Solo)

Monthly Service Fees: 1.99% + 15 cents per transaction

Perks: Breadcrumb has been primarily marketed to those within the restaurant industry, like: bakeries, food trucks etc.


Now, here are only 3 POS options, but there are many more available in today’s market.  Always conduct your own research to find the best solutions for you. Good luck!

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