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6 Great Startup Ideas for People Who Love Food

The food and hospitality business is now an ever growing industry. These days many people love to experiment with their dining experience. The food business can be classified into food processing industries and food retailers. Food retailers include restaurant chains, microbreweries, pubs and food pantries. The successful businesses not only focus on the quality and taste of the dishes but also have an innovative marketing strategy that sets them apart from their rivals. Here is a list of 6 startup ideas for people who love food.

1. Buffet Restaurant

Buffets are a great hit among the customers for various reasons. The food is served quick and at reasonable prices. Further, a buffet provides the customer a lot of variety. Buffet only restaurant is one of the proven successful food business. However, the success of the business depends on developing a marketing plan with targeted strategies. Proper location and the decorum of the restaurant also plays a key role. Well garnished food items are a visual delectation, attracting the attention of customers. If one of your restaurants has already earned a name, people would come to the new restaurant with similar expectations. So, being consistent can help you building a brand identity.

2. Coffee Café

A coffee café is a cool food business and it doesn’t actually need a lot of investment to start. However, there are several secrets to running a successful café. Very few cafés actually maintain their consistency in delivering the best coffee over time. As the owner, you need to ensure the quality of coffee beans used. If your café becomes a hit, managing the crowd at the peak time of the day will be a humongous task. Counter service is an effective way to keep customers satisfied. Millennials who are used to McDonald’s wouldn’t mind queueing to get the best coffee in the town.


3. Food Truck

Gourmet retailing in a truck is a cool idea. You don’t to spend on rent and furniture. It is a profitable business as a single food truck can cater to the needs of the people at different locations in the town on the same day. For example, you can position your truck around a cinema just a few hours before the peak show time and then park it near an office during the lunch break. From a food truck, you can sell ready-made cooked food, soft drinks, snacks and several other packaged items. Food truck business has shown a great response among street-food lovers and those who prefer an economical and fast breakfast or lunch.


4. Hookah Bar Lounge

This is a profitable business that demands significant capital investment. Many customers come to a hookah bar to relax or celebrate special occasions. Many successful bars have a lively environment fueled by EDM and performances by dancers. You need to adapt quickly to the operational challenges in this business as most people visiting the bars wouldn’t mind driving an extra mile just to get the best ambiance.


5. Organic Food Store

Organic food business is building up its momentum as people are becoming fitness freaks. Store location is the most important factor dictating the success of this business. Initially, it is wise to go with a single product category, say fruits and then expand your business to vegetables and dairy products over time. You can also provide the option of home delivery to the customers.


6. Bakery

A bakery is a thriving business. Bread is a staple diet in major parts of the world and hence, there is a constant demand for it. Further, if you get your marketing strategy right, you can have a good market share. Well slashed and well-baked bread have pleasing shapes and texture and thus, leave an artistic statement. Hence, you should be careful while scoring the dough to allow it to expand during baking. You should also use the right set of knives available online at for scoring and slashing your freshly baked bread.

The global restaurant industry is estimated to have a market size of USD $2 trillion. With technology providing a major impetus to online food delivery, the food business is still evolving. So, investing in a food startup is indeed a profitable idea.


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