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5 Ways Kylie Cosmetics is Changing the Beauty Industry

Who would’ve thought a 21-year-old could have a billion dollar beauty empire? Well, it’s happened and it’s all because of Kylie Jenner. Not only has she built up a worldwide beauty brand that everyone wants, but it has also influenced the entire industry by setting trends ever since it officially launched 4 years ago. If you want to know how someone so young could run such a successful business, just check out these 5 ways Kylie Cosmetics is changing the beauty industry.

Getting social

Social media is huge and has become an important part of any brand. While most businesses are looking for influencers to show off their products and get the word out, Kylie just leverages her own popularity on social media to grow it. She has over 129 million followers on Instagram alone and uses her own personal account to share news and updates about Kylie Cosmetics. This has made her brand feel more authentic, which has got other brands noticing and following suit.


Kylie’s makeup line isn’t just a solo project; it’s also a family affair. Even though Kylie Cosmetics is her company, she’s used it as a platform to collaborate with the other members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Together, they’ve released limited edition palettes like the Kris Collection and they’ve even modeled in many of her campaigns. She’s proven that teamwork really does make the dream work. 


One of the most noticeable effects of Kylie Cosmetics has been its obvious ability to influence beauty trends. From matte lip kits and contouring sets, all of her products have created a ripple effect across the beauty industry, which has left everyone else trying to follow in her footsteps.

Part of her success as an influencer comes from her limited edition makeup sets and the added publicity from her famous family. They’re all influencers and have massive followings, and regularly share her brand, which has only made Kylie Cosmetics even better known.

Popping up

The internet is a powerful place and has taken over the world of retail, but pop-up stores have become increasingly popular among online stores. That’s because they offer a unique, limited-time-only experience that feels exclusive and exciting. Being the business savvy woman that she is, Kylie picked up on this trend, and it’s proved to be a smart move. She’s already had several pop-up stores across the U.S., and telling by the success of them, she’ll probably be doing a lot more in the near future.


One of the things that have helped Kylie Cosmetics explode is the usability of the site. If you weren’t already sold on Kylie Cosmetics from following Kylie and seeing all the must-have makeup, then the website is guaranteed to convince you. The site is minimal, feminine, fun, and most importantly, it’s easy to use. This makes shopping effortless, which only makes impulse purchases more tempting. has clearly swayed the direction of the beauty industry countless times in a few short years, but that’s just the beginning. She is still setting trends every day and it doesn’t look like she’s going to be stopping any time soon.

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