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5 Ways Beyond Meat Can Improve Online Customer Experience

As many people are now cautious of what they eat, many companies are also geared toward making food for these health-conscious customers.

One company called Beyond Meat aims to provide customers with an environmentally friendly, healthier, and plant-based substitutes to meat. Beyond Meat was established by Ethan Brown in 2009 and by 2013, the products made by the company were made available across the United States. By May 2016, Beyond Meat introduced its first plant-based burger which is targeted to be sold in the meat aisle of grocery stores.

To date, Beyond Meat products are available in Beyond Burger Patties, Beyond Sausage, Beyond Beef Crumbles and beyond Chicken Strips. It also now available in the menus of some well-known fast-food chains. To avoid going out, shopping, and waiting in line, you can also buy Beyond Meat products online. Many online customers have great reviews for their purchases but let us take a look at those that Beyond Meat can improve on.

1. Better Smell and Aftertaste

The burgers’ smell is the top concern of the consumers as it was the topic with the most number of reviews. Almost all of the costumers have something to say about the smell of the Beyond Burger.

Some say it smells like rubber, dog food, chemicals, even rotten fish and smoke. While consumers enjoyed the taste, they cannot stand the smell of it. Also, the aftertaste is not pleasant and seems to stay in the mouth for a long time.

2. Minimal packaging

Consumers’ purchases arrive in big, bulky packages which they think are not necessary because these plastics and boxes just go to the litter and only add to the mountain of garbage.

3. More Reasonable Price

Those that have purchased the product thinks that it is overpriced for $14 per pound, considering that it is a veggie patty.

4. Lesser Fats and Oil

Upon cooking the burger, consumers noticed that a lot of oil oozes out of the patty just like when you are cooking meat-based patties. Also, a patty contains 20g of fats which seems too much for a single piece.

5. Organic Ingredients

While the product is already a step ahead because it is plant-based, consumers hope that it is also organic so they can enjoy their meatless burger without much guilt. Unfortunately, none of the listed ingredients of Beyond Meat Burger are organic.

Overall, it seems that there are a lot of raving reviews about the plant-based burgers. All of the above concerns were gathered from our research based on critical online customer reviews via Amazon. As the company thrives in this booming plant-based market, it has a great opportunity to grow by being able to directly see what customers think about the product line and service.

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