2015 Top 10 Startup Business Ideas

One of my good friends recently contacted me to pick my brain about my opinion on the best startup business ideas for 2015. Because I’m a firm believer that creating multiple (passive) income streams is one of the wisest things any entrepreneur could do, I enthusiastically jumped to the task. I prepared a small list for him, detailing possible business ventures that he may want to consider.  At his request, with gratitude to pay it forward, he agreed that I should share the list with everyone on Sweet Startups. If you’re reading this and you’re considering starting a new business in 2015, but you’re not sure what type of business to launch, this article is for you! So, here it is folks, my list of top 10 Startup Business Ideas for 2015.

Learn How to Start Your Own Subscription Box Business
Learn How to Start Your Own Subscription Box Business

#1. Subscription Box Business

Of course, this would be my #1 pick for 2015. Subscription box services are very inexpensive to start, and now is the best time to launch your own business. If you want a step-by-step guide for how to create your own subscription box company from scratch, check out my new ebook: “How to Start a Subscription Box Business: With 50 + Money Making Ideas” on Amazon Kindle here.

#2. Digital Training Industry

Whether by app, website or software, the digital training industry is one of the hottest industries to jump into. If you have the capacity to create a course, you might want to consider offering it for sale to those who wish to learn additional skills. It could be anything from creating an online digital workout class, to creating an app that educates adults or children.

#3. Wristband Technology

With the Apple iwatch release just around the corner, wristband and wristwatch technology is making its mark known. If you do go off into this industry, consider offering a product that is unique in some shape or fashion (as to not get lost in the crowd). Consider things like unique shapes, functions, colors, materials, competitive price points, etc.

#4. Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea, also known as “Boba” tea is a Taiwanese beverage that is slowly but surely making a trendy splash in the startup arena. Imagine amazing teas and smoothies that have options to add toppings like tapioca pearls. Although this tea has been around since the 1980’s, its recently becoming more popular around metropolitan areas in the US.

#5. Office Technology Solutions

Think scheduling, digital conferences and other ways to make office culture more convenient.

#6. Niche Travel Websites

The travel industry is a multi trillion dollar global industry. Whether you decide to book local or international trips, create apps that make traveling a breeze or something else, be sure to market like crazy. There’s a lot of competition here.

#7. Drone Technology Related

With new advancements in drone technology, you may want to consider checking this arena out. Sure, there may be drones in the making that can talk, fly and deliver your mail, but what about things like supporting apps, customizable software and the supply industry (batteries, replacement parts, etc.). Yeah, you may be a little ahead of your time here. Make sure you do your research, and scout for rules and regulations in your specific country.

#8. Indie Music Festivals

Major music labels don’t have the same appeal as they once did.  With so many “cookie cutter” mainstream artists, indie music is hotter than ever before. Hosting indie music festivals may be a great seasonal option for creative entrepreneurs who have excellent management and scheduling skills. Find and requisition a location, secure artists, advertise and sell tickets. Just to give you an idea of how big the music festival industry is: in 2014 Coachella made over $78 million (gross). Not bad!

#9. Electronic Device Repair

With so many people using gadgets and gismos, the repair industry is just as big. Think about things like: cell phone, tablet, laptop and smart watch repair.  You can create a real “brick and mortar” or have an online shop where customers mail in their electronics for service.

#10 Craft Beer Related

Craft beers are really popular in the US right now. It seems like every time I go out, there’s always a new brew to try. Now, it’s one thing to actually start a beverage company. It seems like the industry’s resurgence has created a clutter of competition that may be really hard to navigate through if you don’t already have industry connects and a lot of money. But, consider growth on the outskirts of this industry. Think about providing things like: beer making supplies, ingredients, classes and beer tasting tours.

With all that said, I hope this list is inspirational to someone out there.  Always do your research, no matter which industry you decide on. Don’t be afraid to get out there and create a sweet startup!

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