11 Startups Reshaping the Future of Energy Generation and Storage

These are the startups that are changing the world of energy generation and storage as we know it.

As the years go by and the planet starts deteriorating more, it’s important that alternate ways of life are figured out. 

Two of the biggest things that people are worried about are energy and storage. 

The good news is that there are many people and companies out there that are creating startups to help figure these things out. 

With that said, here are 11 startups that are reshaping the future of energy generation and storage.

1. Rusty Tweed Solar

The first startup on the list is Rusty Tweed Solar

Rusty Tweed has been involved in making the Earth greener for several years. He was born in Canada and grew up on a horse farm, where he learned all about hard work. 

While he did a lot with his family when it came to horse competitions, Rusty’s real passion was with finance.

He has volunteered for many different organizations and has helped countless people in his community. 

In addition, he has helped various organizations become more sustainable in terms of green energy and he has been able to help them cut costs, which makes it possible to help more people!

He is also a proud support of Drug Free World and believes that ultimately the solution to drugs is education, if people understand the negative effects of drugs and refuse to ingest them, the war is won!

2. Aviloo

Aviloo was started in Austria, close to the capital of Vienna. 

The founders, Wolfgang Berger and Nikolaus Mayerhofer, created this startup with the hopes of bringing an independent battery test to consumers. 

By having this product, there’s less uncertainty surrounding buying a used electric vehicle.

When a person looks at one of these cars for purchase, they’ll be able to test the battery and they won’t have to worry about buying an electric vehicle that has a battery that’s dead or close to dying. 

Aviloo is supported by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG.

3. Highview Power

Highview Power was started to help create a long-term option for energy storage.

Not only does this startup use cryptogenic energy technology, but it releases zero emissions while doing so. 

The great thing about this is that the power plants used to create the energy can be built pretty much anywhere. 

They are built with materials that only come from established suppliers and they have a lifespan of at least 30 years. 

Besides being a low-cost solution for storage and energy, Highview Power also makes it possible to have 60% efficiency!

4. Kite Power Systems

Another startup is called Kite Power Systems

They use a type of energy generation that has been around for years, which is: energy generated by wind. 

Even though this type of generation works well, there are some challenges that are still apparent. Some of these are extreme weather, infrastructure, and unsuitable environments. 

This startup is currently developing a double kite system that is both efficient and reliable. The whole point is to provide energy that comes at a lower price than using wind turbines while using around 85% fewer materials. The technology is safe and is tested very thoroughly to ensure this.

5. H2GO Power

H2GO Power was created to bring a cleaner energy source to the world. 

They develop and deliver hydrogen energy storage. 

Not only is this technology zero-emission, but it’s also very reliable and safe. It can also be used for several different things. 

The great thing is that it can be used in places that aren’t usually suitable for grid systems. The technology they use makes it so they can create and sell hydrogen energy storage systems for UAVs and drones. They’re also able to create “Plug & Play” power units that are stationary and used on a larger scale.

6. Skoon Energy

Since the majority of world transport is done by ships and they run on engines that are powered by fossil fuels, it’s important that alternatives are created. 

This is where Skoon Energy comes in. 

They are finding ways to power ships by electric means. Not only will this help save the planet since ships usually run between 25-30 years, but it can help cut down on emissions. 

The company is currently trying to create batteries that can be swapped out and recharged. These batteries can be completely recharged using green energy and used for multiple different ships.

7. BroadBit Batteries

A startup that has to do with storage is BroadBit Batteries

Broadbit Batteries is a company that’s creating batteries that run on a chemistry that’s completely sodium based. 

As of right now, they’ve done a lot of lab tests and are moving towards being able to use them on things like electric vehicles, portable electronics, starters and grids used for various sources of energy. 

The benefits of these batteries are longer range and use time, longer lifespan, a reduction of cost, more environmentally friendly and able to be scaled to pretty much any production volume. 

While the batteries are based on metallic sodium and other types of sodium, one of the biggest active components is sodium chloride, also known as table salt.

8. Nostromo Energy

The startup Nostormo got its name from a combination of 2 Italian words: Nostro and Uomo, which translates to our man. 

The name was also taken from a book of the same name by Joseph Conrad. 

Instead of using ion-based storage, this company is more focused on being able to use water. 

Not only is this more cost-effective, but there’s no possibility of it exploding and it’s not made with any toxic materials. 

The whole point of this company is to make it so water is being used more as an energy source instead of other harmful materials.

9. Aquion Energy

There’s also Aquion Energy

The great thing about this startup is that it’s made it possible to start using salt water to power batteries. 

Using salt water is sustainable and extremely safe. It also makes everything much more cost-efficient, simple and resilient. 

These batteries are revolutionary because it can be used for many different purposes, including commercial and residential uses. 

The company has been testing in labs for quite a while and they’ve been working hard to find the technology that works the best. The more they test, the closer they get to changing the world of storage as we know it.

10. Constructis

Constructis is doing something that’s pretty much unheard of. 

They’re installing power modules on the roadways to help generate energy. 

The only parts exposed to these modules is the rumble strip. 

Whenever a vehicle drives over the module, the tubes depress and turn the motion and mass-energy into electricity. The electricity that’s generated is stored in sealed battery banks and transferred to things like power lights, surrounding buildings, and the electricity grid.

11. American Wind

The final startup on this list is called American Wind

The whole idea of this startup came from Robert Yost and his wife after the 2011 tornadoes in Alabama. 

They realized how many people were without power and decided to come up with something that would help people who were put in this situation in the future. 

They decided to create a micro wind turbine, called the MicroCube. These products generate electricity through the wind without requiring the space or investment of normal-sized turbines!


While there are new startups popping up every day, these are 11 that are big right now. 

These have all been started to help improve the future of energy generation and storage. They are trying to make the planet a better place and reduce the negative impact that the planet experiences!

If you want to help, reach out to any of these or try starting your own business.


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