Zuckerberg Fails to Understand the Threat of TokTok

The CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg said that TikTok was almost similar to the Explore Tab which they had on Instagram. He described TikTok as an explore tab but is it really that?

No, it isn’t. TikTok is a new form of the social entertainment which is much different from Instagram. Instagram is a place where you can upload your selfie and can show something looking pretty. TikTok on the other hand is much storyboarded and premeditated and most importantly, it is different than those haphazard stories of Instagram. The comments of Zuckerberg have cast a dark shadow on the future of Facebook. The copycat of Facebook named Lasso had been installed 425000 times from the day it launched. On the other hand, TikTok had been installed for 640 million times in that period. Only outside of China. And surprisingly TikTok has approximately 1.4 billion installs in China. During an internal session on Questions and Answers, Zuckerberg said that the internet landscape had been kind of a bunch of internet companies which had been mainly the American companies. But Chinese companies where had been pretty much to offer the services only in China. Broadly, in terms of the global expansion, ByteDance was really the first consumer consumer internet product which were built by one of those Chinese tech. They are starting their business to do well in the US, but they are growing too quickly now in India. Mark Zuckerberg thinks TikTok has now passed the popularity of Instagram. And he thinks that is quite an interesting phenomenon.

Zuckerberg is actually not dismissing the threat from TikTok. He already knows that the TikTok is popular. TikTok looks like some stories in the vertical videos. Cloning TikTok won’t be so easy this time because choking off the growth of TikTok will be quite complicated. It is hard to clone because it is not only about who you are and what you are doing. TikTok is about entertaining the audience. You can act out jokes, you can invent characters and even can dress up like someone else.

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Shahina Khatun

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