Yo Facebook & Instagram, Stop Showing Stories Reruns

If anyone watches a story cross-posted from Instagram to Facebook, or either of the apps, the story basically appears as “watched” at the back of the stories row on another app. Now, the question is – Why they should waste their time on those stories that they have already seen?

It has been more than 2 years since the Instagram Stories started cross-posting to the stories. Both Messenger and Facebook have already synchronized the unwatched or watched status of the stories. But it has been long time that the synchronization was extended to encompass Instagram.

TechCrunch asked both Instagram and Facebook either they had plans like that, and a spokesperson of the company told them that the built cross-posting to make the sharing much easier for the people on Instagram and Facebook. He also said that those platforms were continuing to explore the paths to improve the stories and to make it simpler. However, they gave no indication that the Facebook understands how disappointing this is.

What if they can fix the problem? Well, users then can spend time on watching newer content, and more creators could feel that people have seen them, and there will be no jam of stories posted on social media platform. If anyone sends a reply to a story on one app, then he is not going to send that or something else when he sees the similar story on other app within a few minutes or even hours later. Repeated content now leads to even more passive viewing as well as lesser mutual communication with friends.

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