Xerox Tells HP It Bring the Takeover Bid to the Shareholders Directly

The CEO of the Xerox named John Visentin wrote to HP board that Xerox had planned to take its $33.5 billion offer to the HP shareholders directly. He started the letter with a tone which seems like befitting a hostile attempt to takeover, as it was stated that the refuse to the negotiation would defy the logic. Visentin wrote that they had put forth an irresistible proposal which would allow the HP shareholders to realize an immediate cash value as well as would also enjoy the equal participation in substantial upside which is expected to result from a mixture.

He also added that they planned to engage with the HP shareholders directly to solicit the support in advising the HP Board to do the appropriate thing and to pursue that compelling chance. The potential advantages of the combination between Xerox and HP would be self-evident and together they could have built the leader of the industry with an enhanced scale as well as would be the best in class offerings.

On the other hand, the HP company responded by saying that the words were aggressive and the actions cleared that the Xerox was intent on forcing a mixture on cosmopolitan terms and also without giving sufficient information. In response, Visentin fired back by stating that while the HP might not appreciate their aggressive tactics, they would not apologize for that. The efficient way to prove the scope of that chance with confidence is through a mutual due perseverance which they continued to refuse.

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