With Jira, InVision Announced New Integrations

InVision has announced deeper integrations with its Jira. It will let users embed original InVision prototypes within a Jira ticket. The startup also announced its Jira app for the InVision Studio. Designers can get into Studio and see in real time the interactive Jira tickets.

InVision already has lighter integrations with Atlassian products which include Trello, Confluence, and Jira. In InVision’s Series F funding round worth $115 million, Atlassian also participated.

The association makes complete sense. Atlassian provides an equivalent product to InVision. Unlike serving designers, Atlassian serves the engineers.

The partnership has brought up an interesting challenge for InVision. The company lastly valued at $1.9 billion. It went a long way from creating their own market with paid prototype and collaboration tool to participate with other giants and startups when the startup introduced its new products.

InVision Studio is build to compete with AdobeXD, Figma, and Sketch among many others.

In parallel to that, the company’s strategy has always been to be the connective tissue for a broader design landscape. CEO Clark Valberg previously said that he could envision that InVision being the Salesforce of the world of design. It has a large assemblage of partnerships and also integrations across the market to support each other, graded fraction of its process in a single, adaptable place.

Mike Davidson, the VP of Product said that till now the company stayed as a horizontal player. He added that they created the prototyping market. Previously for prototyping tool, there was no paid market until InVision took charge. Even though the company is now providing the vertical stacks, it doesn’t want to lose its InVision Prototyping tool. This prototyping has gained enormous popularity beyond its imagination.

Davidson also added that now InVision is serving all 100 Fortune companies. Since the launch in 2011, InVision is maintaining its actual strategic course to stay open with Atlassian.

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