Window Has Raised $12M Series B for Their Food Waste Solution for Commercial Kitchens

The UK startup, Window has developed a fabulous idea, a smart kitchen technology to aid the commercial kitchen to reduce the food wastes and the startup is disclosing it at $12 million in the Series B funding. Backing round is Ingka Group which is a strategic companion or partner of IKEA franchisee system. Besides, mustard seed, D: Ax, Circulatory Capital as well as The Ingenious Group are also in the backing round. It follows a new $8 million loan from the EIB (European Investment Bank) which means that Window has adjoin more $20 million of the capital in last month.

Counting the global clients like IKEA along with the Armani Hotel in Dubai, this UK startup Window is on a goal to offer their hospitality in the industrial technology to aid the reduce food waste by creating commercial kitchens smarter. The latest Vision product of Window automates the waste tracking by using a computer vision which can easily track what kind of food has been discarded and thus it enables to make a better inventory decision. It is very notable that this Window system claims to reach and surpass the accuracy the human level to identify the foods which are being thrown away. It means for the clients, and with the passage of time the system will enable the kitchen to register food waste automatically without human interactions and the data of the food which will be thrown in bins will be automatically captured.

The Founder and CEO of the Window named Marc Zornes said that the kitchens using the Window would see a 40% to &0% reduction in the entire food wastes within only 6 or 12 months and they could drive the savings of food cost between 2 to 8%.

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