WeWork Pulls Thousands of Phone Booths out of Service Over Formaldehyde Scar

WeWork, a co-working empire which was valued once $47 billion before the reality struck. It plunged the entire business and their investors into a devastating crisis and now there is another problem which needs to be added in their growing pile which accurately reflect the main business of kitting out as well as maintaining the modern working ambient. The problem is about the safety concern which is affecting the users of WeWork in US and Canada. On 15th October, today, they mailed the members in that regions to warn around 1,600 phone booths setup at the location of WeWork. The warning is about the health issues for the people who are exposed to the formaldehyde gas. WeWork is blaming the booths manufacturer for the issue.

In the email, WeWork wrote to its members that WeWork had performed an analysis after a member informed them about eye irritation and the odor. Their analysis included a series of test on sampling of phone booths and when they got the results last week, they started to take all the potentially impacted booths out of the service. The affected phone booths were immediately taken out of the service and would be removed from the locations.

Besides those 1,600 phone booths, they have confirmed that a further 700 booths will also taken out of the services which WeWork explains as “an abundance of caution”.  Members now want to know which of the booths are safe to utilize at the WeWork location. WeWork continues that alternative quiet spaces are also going to be provided like in conference rooms and in unused offices.

Formaldehyde is a chemical which is used in different building materials and WeWork email also warns that the short-term exposure in this formaldehyde gas might cause an acute irritation of throat, respiratory system and even in nose.

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