Watch SpaceX Has Launched a Twice-Flown Dragon Capsule to ISS Live

SpaceX is now set to start the 19th Commercial Resupply Mission for International Space Station today. SpaceX has set it with a liftoff period scheduled for 12:51 PM. The beginning will soon take off from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station of Florida. Furthermore, it will also use a Dragon cargo capsule which the SpaceX has flown 2 times already. First time it was flown in 2014 and then in 2017. The stream above should begin at about 15 minutes just before the liftoff, so it will begin at 12:36 PM.

The starting will include a recovery effort for Falcon9 booster which will achieve a controlled recovery to the Earth as well as will aim to land on the soaring drone landing ship having the name “Of Course I Still Love You”. This landing ship will wait for the land in the Atlantic Ocean.

On board, this Dragon which is bound for the ISS will be about 5700 lbs of the supplies. It includes research materials as well as experiment to support the ongoing science mission of station as well as the astronauts on the board. One of those pieces of the cargo is like a new robot hotel which will be providing a protected space for parking for the mission critical robots at ISS while they are not even in use. The Commercial Resupply Mission-19 has a backup window of the 5th December, Thursday at 12:29 PM and the launch of today shouldn’t go off as the planning for any kind of reason.

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