Walmart Grocery Is Now Offering Curbside Alcohol Pickup at 2000 US Stores

The grocery war is continuing in the online and Amazon has made their grocery delivery totally free this week, so, Walmart too is now showing off their grocery services and is offering the alcohol. Today, Walmart has announced their new milestone which is to provide their customers to buy alcohol online. Besides, Walmart has access to 2000 location across the 29 states which will let the customers to pick up their preferred wine along with beer as well as other groceries. However, this alcohol picking up services must abide by the local laws which actually limits the extension is some cases. Furthermore, Walmart reveals that more than 200 stores across the entire California and Florida are offering alcohol delivery too and it is planning to expand on this side too.

Walmart is gradually ramping up their options for online alcohol business in accordance with the laws and regulations of the county, local and state. The Sam’s Club is offering this option as well and more than that, Sam’s Club is also offering the delivery of some spirits like vodka of Tito or the spirits that they own. Now there are several ways for the customers to buy alcohols from online depending on where they live. But the problem with these services is about the delivery. Customers most of the time don’t understand which of them are offering alcohol delivery and which is the app they should use. If they are living in a permissive state, then it may not be a big problem and in this case, you will have several choices for the day, but in the conservative states, the options may be limited.

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Shahina Khatun

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