Uber’s Fatal Accident Tally Shows Lower Rates but Excludes Key Numbers

Uber has released the United States Safety Report that has revealed the number of some fatal accidents as well as some good news which is the overall rate per mile – half of the national average. However, the report also has made some confusing choices about the things which have been excluded and which have been included.

To make the report, the Uber has taken the internal reports of the crashes which have been generated by the users, drivers or the insurance companies and also compared it to national Fatality Analysis Reporting System or FARS. In this way, the Uber has able to ensure the 97 fatal crashes with 107 deaths in 2018 and 2017 combined. Since the company is very conscious and careful about pointing this out. According to their report, more than 36000 people had died in the car crashes in the United States in 2018 alone and so the total doesn’t actually mean so much on its own. That’s why they keep those fatal accidents in the context of miles travelled. After all, the report is about 1 crash in 100,000 miles doesn’t sound quite bad as that’s the only one.

The crashes usually happened at the lower speeds than national average and were likely be far to occur during night in the lighted areas of the cities. It makes sense as the rideshare services are weighted to the urban environments, lower speed and shorter trips. A spokesperson shared that a driver may be in online in the Uber at the particular moment but he drives someone using another rideshare service.

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